The Battery Fueling System

Battery Fueling Limited (BFL) is a U.K. registered company with U.S. patent-pending electric vehicle refuelling technology for specially built Battery powered Electric Vehicles (BEVs). NRG Expert is supporting Battery Fueling Limited in its desire to begin sustained promotion of its Very Fast Electric Vehicle Refuelling System (the ‘System’). Both NRG Expert & BFL consider that the Battery Fueling solution is the Holy Grail that the global Electric Vehicle industry has been waiting for.

The Battery Fueling System does not use massive battery block exchange or ‘in-car’ recharging of massive battery blocks – which BFL believes are both fundamental errors in long-term BEV technology that have somehow migrated into the 21st Century.The BFL System makes commercial advantage of the fact that Small-Volume-Rechargeable-Cells (SVRCs) have overtaken all other rechargeable battery types to become the dominant battery in use in the modern BEV industries.

The BFL System uses all the known parameters that a battery manufacture specifies for use of a single SVRC, in order to treat that single SVRC as the smallest measurable unit of Electric-Motive-Power-Replenishment (EMPR) for Metered-Retail. A single freshly charged SVRC may thus be provided to a consumer in exactly the same way that a precise small volume of fossil fuel acts as the smallest measurable unit of Fossil-Fuel-Motive-Power-Replenishment (FFMPR) for Metered-Retail.

Because the BFL System provides such a Metered-Retail relationship between these two types of motive power, a phenomenal range of commercial opportunities should become immediately apparent.