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Global Deployment of Utility Meters Forecasting Database and Industry Overview 2013

The electricity metering market alone expects investment of US$12 billion by 2015. This product provides in-depth insight into what is going on in this fast growing market. The database contains a worldwide, multi-meter overview which lists the value per utility metering segment for the year 2012, forecast to the year 2016. It shows where investments are taking place in the metering industry and what the market will look like in 5 years in these key regions.
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Global Smart Grid Report Edition 1, 2011

This report looks at the global smart grid market place now and provides predictions for future growth and change. It reviews the barriers to the installation of smart grid technology, highlights the most prominent smart grid companies and provides forecasts for the smart grid industry. The report also analyses barriers to entry, future deployment and arguments for and against the smart grid.
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Smart Technology Report

This NRG Expert report provides essential insight into the causes of power generation shortfalls and detailed intelligence on the technologies that may address them. It discusses energy security and emerging technologies in the energy storage and energy efficiency sectors.
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Energy Efficiency Report Edition 1, 2012

This NRG Expert report looks at the policies and incentives for energy efficiency in the power generation, industrial, transportation, residential and commercial sectors for countries worldwide. It allows the reader to identify and rank the major consumers of energy and provides insight into how an energy consumer can become more efficient.
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Metering and Smart Grid Data 

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