The Global Hydro Industry

Historical, Present, and Future Generation Statistics to 2025

NRG Expert provides a hydro power market research report which looks at the contribution of Hydro Power to the Energy Mix. The report contains a full hydro power analysis of hydro power developments, hydro power facts and hydro power statistics worldwide and by country. The market research outlines each country’s hydro electric generating capacity, its history, and its technical background. The report looks at the hydro power industry and the advantages and disadvantages of hydro power. Our analysts have also used this information to create hydro power forecasts – critical reading for anyone associated with this industry.

The database provides you with generation statistics such as capacity, net generation and net consumption of Hydro power plants. Additionally, Plant details of major plants are listed once they have been verified by us.* Please contact us directly at if you would like to learn more or receive a sample of the database.

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Key Reasons to purchase this hydro power market research

Using our hydro power statistics and analysis we have provided a hydro power report which enables readers to:

  • Make informed business decisions through a clear global understanding of the hydro power market
  • Obtain the latest hydro power statistics and data
  • Get an overview of the latest hydro technology and hydro developments
  • Forecast hydro power generation and review our analysts’ hydro power forecasts
  • Design business strategies
  • Prepare market size evaluations using our hydro power statistics and analysis.
  • Manipulate the in-depth hydro power data

What’s in this hydro power report?

  • The contribution of Hydro Power to the energy mix
  • Hydro power generation capacity in each country
  • Hydro power plants by country
  • The history of hydro power and hydro developments
  • Hydro technology
  • Finance
  • Base load, intermediate and peak load
  • Environmental concerns
  • And many other hydro electric facts

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Edition 2: 2015
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*Whilst we strive to provide complete listings, the database contains verified listings and may not be complete for each individual plant, or country. E&OE.