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SGTech Europe 2019
3-Day Conference, Exhibition and Networking Forum
26-28 March 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SGTech Europe 2019, the Smart Grid Innovation Forum takes place 26-28 March 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Now in its 3rd edition, this intensive multi-track conference draws together 250+ smart grid technical professionals for a review of 40+ utility implementation and innovation case studies, in the digital substation, next generation SCADA system, utility packet telecoms and cyber-security domains.

Opening with a morning of strategic plenary sessions, power grid digitisation leaders discuss the big trends impacting the evolution of the smart grid. Senior representatives from National Grid, Enedis, Orsted, Stedin, Vattenfall and EDP among others, reveal how they are making technology choices in light of new trends in the areas of IoT, AI, and Blockchain, to become fully data driven organisations.

The programme then breaks into three parallel technical tracks focused on the latest innovations and implementations of digital substations, SCADA systems, and utility telecoms. Day three deep-dives into the cyber-security opportunities and challenges facing smart grid IT and OT colleagues.

Alongside the case-study driven conference programme, there are a number of technology innovation panel discussions, end-user focused round table debates, live demo labs of the latest digitation tools and technologies, a solution zone displaying 20+ suppliers of smart grid solutions, and a networking evening reception open to all participants.

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A marcus evans Interview with Kun Zhu
Manager, Resource Retirement at Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)

Speaker at the:

5th Power Plant Decommissioning Operational Excellence Conference
5-7 March 2019
Chicago, IL; United States of America

What is one of the most important things that utilities should do when preparing a decommissioning approval request?
KZ: It is important for the utility to understand the transmission tariff requirements, and be ready for the ‘unexpected’ scenarios: For example, what if study shows that the decommission will cause reliability issues?
How does a System Support Resource – a.k.a Reliability Must Run – impact decision making on retiring power plants?
KZ: A generator deemed as a Reliability Must Run unit by study, will immediately trigger discussions in public forums, due to its cost allocation implications – Who bears the cost of maintaining the operation of the generator; What are the alternatives, and associated costs, to address the reliability issues. Generator owner should be prepared for this becoming a public discussion topic.
What is one way that the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) is addressing the challenges brought on by the shifting energy production landscape?
KZ: There are many things MISO does relating to the shifting energy production landscape. For example, in the long-term planning realm, MISO is performing a Renewable Integration Impact Assessment (RIIA) study. The goal is to find the integration inflection points of increasing renewable energy, which will help MISO better prepare for the future production landscape.
What is something about your job that we would not know from your Bio or Linkedin Profile?
KZ: I am also heavily involved in Distributed Energy Resource (DER) related tasks.
What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming 5th Power Plant Decommissioning Operational Excellence Conference?
KZ: I am looking forward to meeting other experts in the industry, and learning more about the business decision process from the generator owner perspective.

About the speaker
Mr. Kun Zhu holds a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University. Kun has18 years’ experience in the Power industry, including 15 years at MISO. At MISO, Kun’s experience expands across Planning, Operations, and Tariff Administration. Currently, Kun is the manager of Resource Retirement at MISO.
About the conference
This is premier marcus evans conference will permit attendees the opportunity to review, develop, and execute strategies that allow for optimal outcomes for the Utility, Contractor, site, assets, and the Community when undergoing Decommissioning of Power Plants.
Attendees will soak in techniques to surpass federal, state, and local environmental regulations, embrace stewardship and sustain the highest levels of safety.
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A marcus evans Interview with Jeffrey A. Dunlap
Decommissioning Manager at Exelon Nuclear

Speaker at the:
5th Power Plant Decommissioning Operational Excellence Conference
5-7 March 2019
Chicago, IL; United States of America

What are the most cumbersome challenges you’ve come across when cost estimating decommissioning projects?
JD: The biggest issue with the cost estimation process is striking a balance between accuracy of the estimates and the long term nature of the work. Since most decommissioning projects are far into the future, much of the detailed planning is not yet required, so estimates cannot be calculated to an accuracy level consistent with most projects. As the time frame to perform the decommissioning gets closer, the detailed planning can be incorporated, which creates additional challenges of how to modify the estimate structure to accommodate this detail, without overburdening the analyst.
How could utilities position themselves with environmental liability transfers (ELTs) to curb some of those economic burdens?
JD: The transfer of liabilities can help with this process, as it would allow a company, with more experience in this area to develop the detailed plan of the project, which would feed directly into the cost estimate.
What would be your golden rule when it comes to ELTs?
JD: Do the research necessary to ensure that only technically and financially capable companies are considered for liability transfer.
What is an aspect of your job that we wouldn’t know from your bio?
JD: Many aspects of my job involve long term planning and cost estimation for all of Exelon’s nuclear facilities, not just those nearing decommissioning.
What are you most looking forward to at the 5th Power Plant Decommissioning Operational Excellence?
JD: Learning from real life examples, and bringing back the tools and techniques used in the field to incorporate into our process

About the speaker
Jeff Dunlap is the manager of Decommissioning for Exelon. In this role he is responsible for the implementation of decommissioning trust fund NRC reporting, cost estimation, and the cost reimbursement process. He is also responsible for Governance and Oversight of the Decommissioning Management Model Process. This includes the development of procedures, and oversight of the implementation of the decommissioning planning process at Exelon’s sites preparing for decommissioning
Jeff has over 20 years of experience working in the nuclear power industry, including positions in Safety Analysis, Fuel Procurement, and Project Management. He has a BA from Augustana College, an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.
About the conference
This is premier marcus evans conference will permit attendees the opportunity to review, develop, and execute strategies that allow for optimal outcomes for the Utility, Contractor, site, assets, and the Community when undergoing Decommissioning of Power Plants.
Attendees will soak in techniques to surpass federal, state, and local environmental regulations, embrace stewardship and sustain the highest levels of safety.
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DER-SmartGrid Integration 2019
14-16 May 2019
London, United Kingdom

Join leading energy transition specialists for the latest solutions to the strategic, commercial and technical issues surrounding the integration of DERs into the electricity system. The case study led conference programme also includes a series of start-up lighting pitches, a technology-innovation panel, a series of end-user driven round table discussions, a live demo lab of the latest vendor tools, an exhibition area displaying state of the art DER technologies and an evening networking reception open to all participants.

Don’t miss 14+ in-depth utility case studies from leading speakers including:

• Alicia Abrams, Group Strategy Director – Vattenfall
• Ricardo Perez, Head of Technology Portfolio and Sustainable Project Development – Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks
• Annemie Ress, Managing Director – Innogy Innovation Hub UK
• Colm Murphy, Head of Electricity Market Change Delivery – National Grid ESO
• Jean-Philippe Poirrier, Assistant Director, Smart Grid Solutions Industrialisation Program – Enedis
• Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Head of Smart Grid Development – UK Power Networks

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Petrochemical and Refining Congress Europe 2019
20-21 May 2019
Budapest, Hungary

PRC Europe 2019 unites more than 300 leaders of major oil&gas companies, EPC contractors, refineries, governmental officials, solution providers and end-users. The format of the Congress is closed-door and only selected audience of top-managers and technical specialists will be invited.
Business program consists of ten sessions, including Refinery 4.0; Flexible Refinery; Downstream industry in low carbon future and others.
PRC Europe 2019 will be completed with interactive refinery tour organized by MOL Group. Official Host Sponsor welcomes Congress attendees to Danube Refinery – one of the largest refineries in CEE region which is located at Százhalombatta near Budapest. The number of slots is limited. Registration is now open at This Link

OWI WA 2019
4-5 June 2019
Accra, Ghana

West Africa’s only dedicated Offshore Well Intervention Conference is returning for its second year to Ghana, Accra on June 4-5 2019.
Network with West Africa’s well intervention community and discover innovative and economic strategies that enhance well performance and encourage collaboration.
Attendees include key industry players such as DPR, Sonangol, Tullow Oil, Marathon Oil EG, BP Angola, Shell Nigeria, Chevron Nigeria, LEKOIL, ONGC India, Exxon Mobil.
Over the two-day event delegates can expect to experience the following:
• Network with over 150 members of West Africa’s well intervention community
• Listen to 30 industry experts present the successes and failures of recent regional and global offshore well intervention case studies
• Access the technology showcase hall – displaying all the latest technical equipment from handpicked service providers
• Private meeting rooms – host clients in the private rooms to discuss business partnerships
• Networking drinks – unwind and meet new clients and suppliers in our dedicated networking drinks suite

For all enquires including ticket and sponsorship please contact Will Hurl on; Or register here

The European EV Charging Summit
5-6 June 2019
London, United Kingdom

ACI’s European EV Charging Summit will be taking place in London, UK, on 5th & 6th June 2019. The conference will give updates on the drivers and trends of the quickly evolving EV industry. Over the two days, the event will bring together key industry stakeholders from the publishing industry: DNOs, OEMs, CPOs, Power Suppliers, financial stakeholders, manufacturers, mobility technology providers, governmental officials and regulators, to hear case-studies and discuss during interactive sessions & panel discussions. Join us in London to exchange your point of view with your peers and engage in excellent networking opportunities.

Key Topics:

  • An Overview & Market Analysis of European EV Infrastructure
  • European Policies & New Regulations to Support Development of EV
  • Preparing your city for EV surge & Creating Infrastructure Proposal
  • Adapting Business Models: Collaboration in EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Interoperability & Charging Solutions: Roaming Agreements
  • Users Experience & Utilisation
  • Charging Forward through Communication with Smart Grid
  • Home & Residential Charging: The real cost when owning an EV
  • Technology Momentum: Revolutionising Fast Charging for Electric Vehicle
  • Exponential growth of batteries demand
  • Commercial Electric Vehicles

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European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit 2019
18-19 June 2019
Berlin, Germany

Maximising Battery Performance and Efficiency While Optimising Production Costs
Following the success of its inaugural event, ACI’s European Electric Vehicle Batteries Summit will be taking place in Berlin, Germany on 19th-20th June 2019.

The discussion this year will be focused around the key issues currently facing the electric vehicle batteries market, such as scaling up the industry over the coming years and the challenges this presents, the roadblocks along the supply chain and the technology needed to implement the solutions.
The two day event will bring together industry leaders from major car manufacturers, OEM’s & battery producers sharing their knowledge and experience with the latest technology developments.
Also joining the summit will be policy makers from regulatory bodies, NGO’s, market & energy consultants, and providers of key solutions such as components, materials and charging infrastructure. Don’t miss out on this excellent networking opportunity.

Key Topics:
• An Overview of EV Battery Market Developments
• Scaling Up the European Market to Adapt to Environmental Regulatory Pressure
• Developing Solutions to Tackle Range Anxiety
• New Material Technologies Overcoming Key Design Limitations
• Exploring Alternatives to Cobalt in EV Batteries
• Enhancing EV Battery Architecture to Optimise Charging Capabilities
• Maximising Performance & Safety with Effective Battery Control
• Assessing the Viability of Second-Life Batteries as Energy Storage Devices
• Considering Vehicle to Grid Applications to Establish Sustainable Charging
• Achieving Total Cost of Ownership that is Comparable to Petrol & Diesel
• Encouraging the Consumer to Adopt Sustainable Driving Habits
• Solving Charge Time Limitations with Wireless & Conductive Hands Free
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18th Vessel Efficiency & Fuel Management Summit
28-29 August, 2019

  • What are the solutions for Ship Owners?
  • What it means for the refiners?
  • Alternative Fuel Options & will there be sufficient compliant fuel available?
  • What Technologies are there to curb filter Emissions?

All these questions would be answered at ACI’s 18th Vessel Efficiency & Fuel Management Summit will provide essential, expert guidance to shipowner/operators on how to scrutinise the technologies available & Fuel alternatives to assist with complying with the Sulphur 2020 cap deadline. It would provide an ideal platform for stakeholders from the Maritime industry, including Shipowners, Ship-managers and associated solution providers, fuel solutions, IT and data associations, consultants, and technology providers to converge. Bringing the pioneers together the conference aims to promote the methodologies, exchange of ideas and the way forward to commercialization.
70+ industry professionals will come together to unravel the Sulphur 2020 mesh, discuss successful system installations, share solution driven case studies to handle technical and operational aspects and create resilient fuel emission strategies.

Key Topics:

  • IMO Updates on Sulphur 2020 Cap
  • Innovative & Cost Effective Techniques & solutions to fuel management
  • Scrubber Installations & Re-fittings
  • Flash Point for Fuel Efficiency
  • Stakeholders Panel – Challenges & Solutions for Sulphur Cap
  • Role of Big Data and automation
  • Need for Alternative fuels
  • Green propulsion – Is LNG the answer? Alternative fuel options
  • Sustainable fuel efficiency initiatives

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