Power, Infrastructure and Electricity Market Research

Electrical Supply Industry World Guidebook

The electrical supply industry is extremely complex and diverse. This NRG Expert guidebook outlines the electrical supply industry of 196 countries individually, offering the essential insight required to make informed business decisions in this marketplace. Where applicable, sections for each country include: the structure of ESI, electricity generation, electricity transmission, electricity distribution and market structure.
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Electrical Supply Industry World Database

Navigating The Electrical Supply Industry requires detailed information. This NRG Expert database provides it, offering a comprehensive, by country listing of active companies in this industry worldwide. Compiled from many sources over 11 years, this database offers the knowledge base needed to understand this industry.
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Energy Statistics and Reports

Electricity Transmission and Distribution Report and Database Edition 8, 2018

This NRG Expert market research report and database provides a detailed overview of the electricity Transmission and Distribution Industry with forecast data to 2022. The database consists of 1 global data summary and 9 individual region Microsoft® Excel (.xlsx) files. The report presents a background to the electrical supply industry including a historical overview, the state of the industry at present and forecasts for the future. It also defines the sectors covered in this product, provides a comparative overview of annual demand for T&D equipment and capital expenditure.
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Electricity Transmission and Distribution Database Edition 8, 2018

This new NRG Expert market research database provides current and forecast figures for the global Transmission and Distribution market. The database consists of 1 Global Data Summary and 9 individual Region Microsoft® Excel (.xlsx) files. The database can be purchased as a global file or each of the 9 individual region files can be purchased separately.
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The Global High-Tech Power Market Report and Database Edition 3, 2015-2020

The NRG Expert Global High-Tech Power Market Report and Database offers detailed forecasts and analysis of the High-Tech Electricity Transmission and Distribution power systems sector, defined as utility automation and power systems technology. It provides data and forecasts for annual demand and capital expenditure data for this sector and also includes the value of the T&D sector as a percentage of the whole smart grid market.
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The Global Market for Cables, Insulators and Towers Report and Database Edition 3, 2015-2020

Electricity transmission and distribution networks are expanding rapidly and this is creating demand for cables, electrical insulators and transmission towers. A desire for grid stability and reliability has driven increasing investment in the power transportation market. To help companies forecast market size and identify opportunities, NRG Expert has published this report and database.
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The Global Power Infrastructure Market (Transformers, Switchgear & Substations) Report and Database Edition 3, 2015-2020

This NRG Expert report and database provides an analysis of the power infrastructure market, which includes transformers, switchgear & substations. It provides data and forecasts for this sector’s annual demand, Capex and MVA Capacity.
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Power Generator Database and Market Intelligence Edition 3, 2016

The NRG Expert Power Generator Database provides a by country/fuel overview of global generating capacity, the evolution of the power generation industry and power forecasts up to 2030. The database provides detailed information on fuel reserves, fuel generation and both new and existing power plants. In addition, the Power Generator Database is accompanied by our Energy Efficiency Report.
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New Global Power Generation Projects Database Edition 1, 2012

This NRG Expert Database provides a listing of Global Electric Power Generation Projects proposed, under construction or awaiting commissioning.
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Global Power Plants Database 2013-2014

This NRG Expert database provides thorough intelligence on the world’s operational power generation plants. It is an essential tool for finding the specific power mix of the world’s nations, specific details on individual plants and details on regional capacity. It covers over 24,000 power plants in over 180 countries, comprising 80% of global capacity.
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Energy Storage Report Edition 1, 2011

The NRG Expert Energy Storage Report looks at global developments in batteries and energy storage. Topics covered include: the grid, the rationale for storage, current energy storage technologies, energy storage companies, energy storage systems, energy storage capacity and more. Key energy storage data and statistics are also provided.
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Energy Security Report Edition 1, 2011

The NRG Expert Energy Security Report covers the issues and uncertainties that face companies and countries regarding energy security. The report looks at: the rational for energy storage, energy risks for businesses, the grid, energy storage challenges, technologies, energy reserves and more. Important energy security data and statistics aer presented, along with insightful analysis.
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Energy Efficiency Report Edition 1, 2012

The NRG Expert Energy Efficiency report looks at the policies and incentives for energy efficiency in the power generation, industrial, transportation, residential and commercial sectors for countries worldwide. The report investigates how companies, governments and industries can become more efficient.

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Smart Technology Report

This NRG Expert report provides essential insight into the causes of power generation shortfalls and detailed intelligence on the technologies that may address them. It discusses energy security and emerging technologies in the energy storage and energy efficiency sectors.
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Power Generation Data 

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Other Related Reports and Databases:

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