Electricity Transmission and Distribution – Regional Databases

Are you just looking for electricity transmission and distribution data for just one or two countries or regions? You can now purchase data for just one region. NRG Expert has compiled data on the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Sector for 180 countries and broken it down into 9 regions.

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9 Regions Covered:

  • North America
  • CIS
  • Pacific
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Central America and Caribbean
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Europe

Regional Data Files

Each regional file contains data on electricity infrastructure, power transmission lines and the electricity grid. There is a breakdown of the Annual Demand and Capex figures for countries of that region followed by individual tabs for each country in the region.

Regional Electricity Transmission and Distribution Databases

In the database you’ll find:

  • Detailed data about the electricity infrastructure and transmission and distribution sector for that region
  • Data on grid interactions and power lines
  • Smart grid market share data
  • Electricity grids information

Country Data within that Region:

  • Annual Demand, regionally and by country
  • Capital Expenditure in the T&D industry
  • Transmission and Distribution Line-length Data (installed KMs) and power lines
  • Capex Data (2018 actuals forecast to 2023)
  • Annual Demand Data (2018 actuals forecast to 2023)
  • Voltage Breakdown and Overhead Underground Analysis
  • Network Maps and Power Transmission Lines
  • Listings of Grid Interconnections

With this Energy Data you can:

  • Find the facts and figures you require about this region and its electricity infrastructure
  • Review detailed charts and diagrams of electricity infrastructure and power transmission lines
  • View the financial opportunities and forecasted expenditure
  • Use the electricity data to prepare company forecasts and market-size evaluations
  • Manipulate country specific data to meet your requirements

If you are interested in purchasing data for power transmission lines and the electricity transmission and distribution industry for just one region, please specify the region on your order form. Electricity transmission and distribution data is available for North America, CIS, Pacific, South America, Africa, Central America, Caribbean, Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Data includes information on power lines, electricity infrastructure, electricity distribution, electricity grid, electricity power generation and more.

Price – Regional Database: £1,500 each
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Edition 9: 2019

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