Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy and the Global Recession

While the global recession of 2008-2013 has meant slowed growth across many sectors, the renewable energy sector has seen continued investment. Growing interest and political pressures mean that governments worldwide have continued to encourage development and investment in this sector. As such, global capacity has continued to grow, albeit at a slower pace than in 2008.
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The Global Wind Industry (2018)

NRG Expert have researched the wind electricity market to produce an in-depth database and accompanying market research report that focuses on the generation through the use of wind technology. The report and database combine NRG Expert’s research abilities with a keen understanding of the power generation landscape to give you a comprehensive look at the sector.

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The Global Solar Industry (2018)

NRG have researched the polar PV market to produce an in-depth database and accompanying market research report that focuses on the generation through the use of solar technology. The Solar PV Industry intelligence product will give you the data and insights that are necessary to understand this growing market.

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Geothermal Report Edition 1, 2011

This report contains a global assessment of geothermal energy developments and deployments. It is a comprehensive analysis of the global geothermal energy industry, with a close look at the key geothermal energy companies and geothermal power generation by country.

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The Global Bio-Energy Industry (2018)

From wood-burning stoves to jet fuel, as one of our oldest sources of energy Bio-Energy is increasingly gaining in popularity with an ever-growling list of applications suitable for our modern, energy-hungry world. When we speak of bioenergy, there are certain distinctions that need to be made. As an energy source, bioenergy is that energy that is produced using fuels derived directly or indirectly from organic material including plant materials and animal waste. Broadly speaking, within the bioenergy sector, we can further branch out the definitions to include Biomass energy andBiofuels energy. Each provides their own way of generating the energy based on the fuels used, though specifically how the fuel is created and used during the process.

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World Biofuels Report Edition 1, 2011-2012

The World Biofuels Report looks at the global biofuels market now and the predictions for future growth and development. This report provides a detailed analysis of the effects of some of the major new developments in the biofuels industry, including the entrance of the Philippines and Thailand into the market, the removal of subsidies from some EU state markets and new biofuels legislation in Japan.

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World Biomass Report Edition 1, 2011-2012

This report analyses the global biomass market, the market drivers and the key components for future growth. A renewable energy resource, biomass fuel is derived from living biological material. While not yet fully competitive, the economics of biomass energy production are improving. This report provides crucial statistics, intelligence on new developments and industry forecasts.

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The Global Hydro Industry Historical, Present, and Future Generation Statistics to 2025

A mature technology, hydropower is experiencing a new renaissance following years of stagnation and bad press. This new report looks at the changes in hydro power generation that are making this possible, including environmentally friendly approaches such as run-of-river, small hydro and low head turbines. It also examines the contribution of hydropower to the energy mix with worldwide statistics arranged by country. It outlines each country’s hydroelectric generating capacity, its history and its technical background.

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Global Ocean Energy Report Edition 1, 2011-2012

This report looks at the key market drivers for the global ocean energy market. It looks at the key market drivers and includes a full analysis of the ocean energy industry including technology and resources. It also outlines key ocean energy statistics, facts, data and forecasts.

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Global Renewables Report Edition 1, 2011-2012

This report is an overview of the global renewable energy markets including – Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, Biomass, Hydro, Ocean technologies, Geothermal and Biofuels. With the renewable energy market research NRG Expert have, we are able to provide indepth information about renewable energy.
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Global Deregulation Reports Edition 1, 2012

NRG Expert have published 3 reports which look at the state of  deregulation on a global scale. The reports evaluate the impact of the latest regulations on the electricity, water and gas markets on a by country basis. While not exclusively focusing on renewables, they are a key focus. Also available is a database of all regulators.

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Renewable Energy Data

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