The Global Solar Industry (2018)

Solar electricity generation is on the rise in the power generation sector, and NRG Expert’s new Global Solar Industry intelligence product will give you the data and insights that are necessary to understand this growing market. We have researched the solar electricity market to produce an in-depth database and accompanying market research report that focuses on the generation through the use of solar technology. This includes PV technology which is the main focus of the report, but the database also presents solar thermal power generation. The report and database combine NRG Expert’s research abilities with a keen understanding of the power generation landscape to give you a comprehensive look at the sector.

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Key Reasons to Purchase this Solar Energy Research:

  • Understand the global solar market drivers and forces that power this market
  • Get an overview of the technologies and processes of the solar industry
  • Make informed business decisions through a clear global understanding of the solar PV market
  • Access key Solar Thermal and Solar PV data and statistics to prepare forecasts
  • Design business strategies by understanding the trends, developments and predictions that our solar market research and data has revealed
  • Gain insight into the solar generation landscape at a country level
  • Understand some of the key differences between various solar technologies

What’s in this Global Solar PV Industry Intelligence Product:

The Report outlines the structure of the solar PV industry; presenting definitions, the techniques, applications, the PV industry value chain, feedstocks, manufacturers and an overview of the renewable energy tariff and incentives and the role solar plays in this.

The Database contains information on over 60 countries providing, where known, the installed (nameplate) generation capacity for solar PV and solar thermal installations. The data is presented in an annex to the report, and provided to you in a separate Microsoft® Excel® (.xlsx) workbook; for easy analysis and data manipulation.

Background to this Solar PV and Solar Thermal Market Research

Solar electricity generation has seen a remarkable growth in the past years. Technology is developing rapidly and manufacturers are increasingly able to offer solar technology at ever better prices. Carbon reduction commitments have also increased solar energy’s proliferation.

Solar photovoltaics are probably the most benign method of power generation. They are silent, produce no emissions and use no fuel other than sunlight. The production of photovoltaics varies among manufacturers but PV technology is based on silicon, the second most common element on the earth’s surface. As used in PV modules, silicon is non-toxic. Solar PV can provide electricity for many applications; for example, to drive water pumps for irrigation and drinking wells, or ventilation fans for air-cooling.

Get all the insights and data you need to make informed business decisions in the solar energy sector by purchasing the NRG Expert Global Solar PV Industry Intelligence product today!

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