NRG Expert – Global Energy Almanac

A by-country interactive database of Electricity, Gas, Water, Petroleum and BioFuel data containing Vital Statistics for each country, Utility Customers, Emissions, Energy Intensity, CAPEX, Regulators, plus detailed data on:

Electricity: Transmission & Distribution installed base and data, voltage tables, metering installations, smart meters, prices and feed-in tariffs, Capacity by Fuel type, total production, total consumption, imports & exports, lists of power plants, and listings of electrical supply industry companies, and

Gas: proven natural resources, Gross natural gas production, production for consumption, flared gas, Imports & exports, consumption, prices, meters installed, smart, and listings of Gas companies, and

Water: Access to drinking water, annual renewable water resources, fresh water withdrawal, installed meters, smart meters, and listings of water supply companies, and

Petroleum & BioFuels: Emissions from consumption, proven natural resources, petro-distillation capacity, petro-production & consumption, crude oil imports and exports, BioFuel production & consumption, fuel ethanol production & consumption, and Bio Diesel.

Up to 210 countries, each with its own Excel file, NRG EXPERT Almanac™  combines the power and flexibility of the entire NRG EXPERT Research house of data and intelligence together with valuable in-depth and often unpublished data collected by the NRG EXPERT Intelligence Unit with the convenience and control of a browser based system. Enjoy access to the entire NRG EXPERT Almanac™ with detailed tables, current and historical data and constant refreshment of content. With 24 hour real-time world-wide access⃰ from powerful and secure high speed servers located in Europe and the United States of America, and no software to download, you can leverage the power of NRG EXPERT Almanac™ to build your own energy market intelligence today.

Key Features

  • Instant access to the entire NRG Expert Almanac, and updates.
  • Available in a one-off download format, or annual subscription service.
  • Ability to purchase individual country files, regions/groupings, or the World.
  • Dynamic easy to use system with no software to download. On-line capability for viewing of Excel files from any web browser in the world, including smart phones, for no additional charge.
  • Advanced search capabilities that allow the user to search files for key words and phrases.
  • Ability to print & download all documents.
  • On-demand data extract capabilities to your own spreadsheet.
  • Excellent value for money compared to other Online and “Terminal” data services and providers.

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