The Global Bio-Energy Industry

From wood-burning stoves to jet fuel, as one of our oldest sources of energy Bio-Energy is increasingly gaining in popularity with an ever-growing list of applications suitable for our modern, energy-hungry world. When we speak of bioenergy, there are certain distinctions that need to be made. As an energy source, bioenergy is that energy that is produced using fuels derived directly or indirectly from organic material including plant materials and animal waste. Broadly speaking, within the bioenergy sector, we can further branch out the definitions to include Biomass energy andBiofuels energy. Each provides their own way of generating the energy based on the fuels used, though specifically how the fuel is created and used during the process.

NRG Expert’s The Global Bio-Energy Industry (2018) Report takes a look at the sector and describes the features and developments taking place in this dynamic field. Using this report containing industry analysis and statistics we have provided a Bio-Energy Report which enables you to:

  • Make informed business decisions through a clear global understanding of the Bio-Energy market
  • Analyse Bio-Energy facts and Bio-Energy companies.
  • Design business strategies by understanding the trends, developments and predictions of the Bio-Energy industry
  • Understand Bio-Energy investments.

Of all the renewable sources of energy, bio-energy is unique in that it is effectively stored solar energy. It is the only renewable source of carbon and can be processed into convenient solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. All bio-energy ultimately decomposes to its elementary molecules with the release of heat. As with fossil fuel, burning biomass energy sources does release carbon into the atmosphere; however, when biomass crops are grown to replace the biomass resource, the equivalent amount of carbon is removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis.

This report will also take an unbiased look at some of the negative characteristics of bio-energy. In an ever-increasingly competitive market, at what price should biofuels production come?

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