The Global Wind Industry (2018)

Wind electricity generation is on the rise in the power generation sector, and NRG Expert’s new Wind Industry intelligence product will give you the data and insights that are necessary to understand this growing market. We have researched the wind electricity market to produce an in-depth database and accompanying market research report that focuses on the generation through the use of wind technology. The report and database combine NRG Expert’s research abilities with a keen understanding of the power generation landscape to give you a comprehensive look at the sector.

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Key reasons to purchase this Global Wind Industry research

  • Make informed business decisions through a clear global understanding of
    the wind energy market including wind energy manufacturers
  • Access in depth wind energy forecasts
  • Design business strategies by understanding the trends, developments and predictions in the wind energy market
  • Understand the wind power developments, wind energy facts, and wind turbine technology, trends, and opportunities
  • Prepare market size evaluations and wind energy forecasts
  • Manipulate the in-depth wind energy statistics and wind energy facts and data to meet your requirements

What’s in this Global Wind Industry report?

The Report outlines the structure of the wind industry; presenting definitions, the techniques, applications, manufacturers as well as a look at the incentives and drawbacks of wind energy. A look is taken at some of the world’s major markets for wind presenting analysis and commentary on plans.

The Database contains information on over 90 countries providing, where known, the installed (nameplate) generation capacity for wind installations. The data is presented in an annex to the report, and provided to you in a separate Microsoft® Excel® (.xlsx) workbook; for easy analysis and data manipulation.

Background to this wind energy research

Wind power has been a remarkable success story in terms of establishing itself as a mainstream energy resource. Its growth seems certain to continue and that it will be an increasingly valuable source of electricity generation in the future.

As a proportion of total renewable capacity, in terms of installed capacity wind energy has overtaken hydro becoming the most widely used renewable. Growth in the wind energy sector is primarily driven by one market, China.

China notwithstanding, a more rapid globalisation of wind energy is becoming evident. Countries previously without wind generation capacity, or with very limited capacity, are now looking at far more ambitious plans than the early adopters considered when wind energy was in its relative infancy, and putting in place targets and fiscal incentives to reach them.

Get all the insights and data you need to make informed business decisions in the wind energy sector by purchasing the NRG Expert Global Wind Industry Intelligence product today!

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