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This new biofuels market research report looks at the global Biofuels industry now and the predictions for future growth and development.

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Using our biofuels industry analysis and statistics we have provided a biofuels report which enables you to:

  • Make informed business decisions through a clear global understanding of the biofuels market
  • Analyse biofuels facts and biofuels companies.
  • Design business strategies by understanding the trends, developments and predictions of the biofuels industry
  • Understand biofuels investments.

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What’s in this biofuels market research report?

  • Biofuels market analysis
  • Biofuels industry data
  • Biofuels investments from biofuels companies
  • Overview of biofuels industry
  • Biofuels statistics

Background to the biofuels market research

2009 was a hard year for the biofuels industry with low oil prices and reduced demand for transport fuels. Biofuels investment was down by just over a third compared to the previous year. Plants were idle or operating at less than capacity. The biofuels industry in the EU, US, Malaysia and Indonesia were particularly feeling the effects; both the US and EU were struggling to compete with cheaper fuels from Latin America. The projects that did receive biofuels investments mainly used mixed feedstocks and thus could adapt to changing commodity prices and supply shortages. Projects using sugar cane or next generation feedstocks such as jatropha, cellulosics or algae received significant investments.
NRG EXPERT believes that US biodiesel producers and biomass companies will not recover in the short term. US ethanol producers may also be affected by the expiration of subsidies at the end of the year, unless legislation can be passed in time.
Using our biofuels market statistics the energy analysts found that Japan will become a growing market for the sector following the expected implementation of new biofuels legislation in the short term. China and India may also become significant biofuel markets.
NRG EXPERT has prepared a biofuels industry forecast and expects the latter part of 2012 to be a good year for biomass companies, with new countries entering the sector on a commercial scale, such as the Philippines and Thailand. The EU market may contact slightly with the removal of subsidies in some key member states, e.g. the Netherlands.
NRG Expert’s Biofuels Report and industry data provides an indepth analysis of the impact these developments will have on the biofuel market place.
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