Electrical Supply Industry Database

The Electrical Supply Industry is large and complex. It spans four primary sectors (electricity generation, transmission, distribution and supply) and involves many diverse players worldwide. National markets differ considerably, with competition having been introduced in some national markets for electricity generation and supply while privatization has occurred in other markets. Meanwhile, electricity transmission and distribution are natural monopolies, since electricity must be delivered via common lines.

Navigating this industry requires detailed information. This NRG Expert database provides it, offering a comprehensive, by country listing of active companies in this industry worldwide. Compiled from many sources over 11 years, this database offers the knowledge base needed to understand the electrical supply industry (ESI).

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Product Scope

This database offers a truly global perspective and includes over 9000 listings. It indicates whether each plant is used for electricity generation, transmission, distribution or supply. Contact information is also provided.

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Key Reasons to Purchase this Market Research:

  • Gain a global understanding of the electrical supply industry
  • Understand the trends, developments and opportunities in this sector
  • Be familiar with the key electrical companies in this sector
  • Understand the role governments and private industry play in national electricity markets

Background to this Market Research

NRG Expert’s market research on the electric power industry has revealed that:

  • National electrical industries are diverse and effected by a myriad of internal and external factors
  • Detailed intelligence is essential for understanding these markets
  • Electricity markets are changing as various nations nationalize or de-nationalize their electricity generation industries

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Edition 1: 2012

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