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NRG Expert provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the energy security industry. This energy security market research report looks at: the rationale for storage, energy risks for businesses, the grid, energy shortage challenges, technologies, energy reserves and much more. The report outlines key energy security data and statistics and provides in-depth energy security analysis from our team of energy analysts. At the country and company level there are growing concerns over energy security. While no one definition of energy security exists, it is often assumed that a country can be considered secure in its energy supply when it has sufficient energy supplies to meet demand at an acceptable price (or a price that supports economic growth). To find out which countries and companies are meeting this challenge, please review the report.

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Key reasons to purchase this energy security market research

  • Make informed business decisions through a clear understanding of the global energy security market
  • Understand energy risks for businesses and the impact of energy shortages
  • Get data on global energy reserves and companies.
  • Design business strategies by understanding the energy security forecasts
  • Use this energy security market research to uncover the trends
  • Prepare market size evaluations for the energy security market
  • Manipulate the in-depth energy security data to meet your requirements

What’s in this energy security market research report?

This NRG Expert energy security market research contains the following energy security analysis, statistics and data:

  • An overview of the Energy Security Industry
  • Fuel reserves and general energy reserves
  • Electricity Prices
  • Power Generation Capacity
  • Growing energy shortages
  • Measuring Energy Security
  • The energy risks to the industry
  • Risks for business
  • The water sector
  • Energy security companies
  • Energy security market analysis and trends

Highlight from the energy security market research

Energy Security Indices
Indices for energy security have been developed but there is no one definitive energy security index.
In terms of the fuel it is estimated that actual energy reserves of oil and gas will last 46 years and 59 years respectively based on the current rate of consumption. However, for the past 30 years the estimated number of years of oil and gas left has either increased or remained constant due to new discoveries. This makes evaluating each country’s level of energy security difficult and a number of factors need to be considered.

Oil and Gas Energy Reserves
More oil and gas resources may become reserves as newer energy technologies make the extraction of challenging resources more economical. Therefore the actual price of fuel is more of a concern than supplies of fuel, especially oil and gas. Current volatile prices and uncertainty over demand have created uncertainty for projects to explore for new reserves or develop projects. To compound the issue oil and gas energy companies are also increasingly developing unconventional oil and gas. ‘Unconventionals’ come with challenges, for example they are usually more expensive to attract, have unique environmental challenges and may use new technologies, just to name a few problems.

Energy supplies closer to home
Therefore, energy security companies and countries have started to investigate the use of energy supplies closer to home or from more stable countries. For example, many non-energy companies are hedging their energy supplies and diversifying their energy supplies e.g. airlines are performing test flights with biofuels. Some companies have or are considering onsite electricity and heat generation capacity to meet their electricity demand, or are sourcing electricity generated from renewables to meet CO2 emission reduction targets, especially in anticipation of or to comply with carbon trading schemes, and to improve their corporate image. Energy efficiency measures are being implemented to reduce energy consumption and energy costs as an overall strategy and in anticipation of rising energy prices.
In the energy sector, energy security companies have focussed on diversifying their energy sources and implementing energy efficiency measures, thus reducing their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Uncertainty in the sector is created by uncertainty over carbon trading schemes, incentives for renewable energy generation projects and environmental legislation, to just name a few examples.
The uncertainties facing companies and countries and issues regarding energy security are covered in this energy security market research report. Also included in the report are case study examples from energy security companies.
Fluctuating fuel and electricity prices.
Current fluctuating fuel and electricity prices are making countries and companies consider other options to meet demand. Especially as some oil and gas countries are experiencing civil disturbances, fuel theft and piracy events. For example, piracy takes place off the coast of Nigeria and off Somalia, civil unrest in Libya and oil theft in the delta region of Nigeria.
More pressing than concerns over fuel reserves is supply of electricity. NRG Expert has found that due to a lack of generation capacity in operation, under construction or in the planning stages 2032 is a critical date where world electricity supply will not meet electricity demand. This critical date may be earlier in North America and Europe and perhaps exacerbated following recent announcements by some European countries to abandon nuclear power. Unless new generation capacity is planned and comes online in the interim and/or actual electricity consumption is reduced equal to or more than the shortfall in generation capacity, there will not even be the capacity to meet demand leading to energy shortages and severe energy risk to businesses.
NRG Expert’s Energy Security Market Research and data can help companies and countries, facing energy challenges review their options.

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