The Benefits of Professional Education

GEC_bannerNRG Expert has recently launched Global Energy Certification, an online based skills assessment and training course for Energy Professionals.

The program is intended for those familiar with the energy industry as well as participants aspiring to work in the energy field. It is profession-orientated and designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of key energy issues and improve their analytical and research skills. The program’s objective is to educate and train for the energy sector by using state-of-the-art NRG Expert knowledge, intelligence, data, and insight into this rapidly changing industry. The GEC designation is the industry standard energy industry training and certificate program offered by NRG Expert, the global leader in independent energy research and intelligence. Enroll to gain access to NRG Expert Research Report and Data materials that are part of the syllabus, and a timed examination offered monthly.

The GEC designation is unique in that it is modeled after many online courses offered at Red Brick and Ivy League institutions today. The GEC designation is a self-study program, and the test itself is administered online. The online exam is structured so that to complete the exam within the two-hour time frame one must read through all of the assigned materials and conceptually understand the majority of the material. Our goal is to offer a challenging program while also providing all of the learning tools possible to ensure participants get the most out of the experience.