Company Profiles – Borealis Geothermal and Caithness

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Borealis Geothermal

Borealis GeoPower is a privately held Canadian company focusing on project consultation for the development of high temperature geothermal projects in Canada and has projects in the Alberta Foothills, British Columbia Interior and remote Northern Communities.

The company has three projects at various stages of development:

Borealis Geopower is conducting research into generating geothermal energy from oilfield waste water with the Free Energy Power Corporation. Using a grant of up to CAD 2.6 million from the Alberta Energy Research Institute (AERI) both companies are planning to use waste water from the Swan Hills field with a surface temperature of 163 to 170oF.

Borealis Geopower is also working with Acho Dene Koe to develop an off-grid small scale geothermal demonstration project. This project should deliver a minimum of 1 MWe and 1 MWt power to a Native Community in Fort Liard in the Northwest Territories, to provide both electricity and thermal energy for alocal greenhouse complex for local food production. A total of CAD 10 to 20 million worth of funds from Natural Resource Canada’s Clean Energy Fund has been approved for the project.
In October 2010 Borealis Geopower obtained exploration permits for its planned Canoe Reach Geothermal project in British Columbia. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Borealis, Shuswap, Skwlax and the Simpcw First Nations to develop the project on Canoe Reach property.

Caithness Energy

Caithness Energy, L.L.C. (Caithness) is a privately held independent power generation company with a primary focus on the development, acquisition, operation, and management of renewable geothermal, wind, and solar energy power projects, as well as (environmentally friendly) fossil-fuelled projects.

Caithness was of the largest producers of renewable energy in the United States. Caithness has 160 MW of operating solar projects and 345 MW of operating wind turbine projects. Non-renewable energy solutions include 1,981 MW of gas-turbine energy and over one thousand additional megawatts of production at varying stages of construction and development.

In 2007 Caithness divested many of its existing power facilities in order to return to its roots in green field development. These included the geothermal projects at China Lake, California (3 plants totally 240 MW), Beowawe, Nevada (17 MW) and Near Fallon, Nevada (60 MW).

In December 2007 the company started to sell off all of its geothermal assets:
 Coso Projects (BLM Navy I and Navy II), China Lake, California (2 plants, 80 MW each, total 160 MW)
 Beowawe, Beowawe, Nevada (17 MW)
 Dixie Valley, Fallon, Nevada (60 MW)
Currently the company only has natural gas plants, wind and solar PV projects in operation. Projects under development are wind or natural gas.