Data of the Month

Each month NRG expert provides you with one report free of charge. These reports contain data that has otherwise been sold or collected through our normal research methods; and is now provided to you for free! This month, NRG Expert is discussing Shale Gas. Relevant today with the price of oil falling and industry players looking at what impact this will have on the wider energy markets.

Below is an excerpt from the report. NRG Expert is looking closely at what is going on in the Oil and Gas landscape. Countries such as Russia and Nigeria are set to take great hits if the price of oil keeps falling at the current rates. Not only will this impact the energy sector, but the wider economies of many countries.

Looking at shale gas, the sector has gone through a “revolution” in recent years. Below is the exerpt from the report

The pioneers of the development of shale gas were small companies that bought up leases and experimented with extraction technologies when the economics of shale gas were really not viable. Now with low gas prices and high upfront costs for shale gas production, mergers and acquisitions within the sector are continuing. A joint venture with a large oil and gas company can mean that the smaller players still get revenue from drilling, but they do not have to stump up high costs for drilling wells.

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