Electric Vehicles Available in 2017

The automotive industry is making a shift towards electrically powered vehicles. After decades of sole reign for the internal combustion engine, EVs are starting to take charge (no pun intended). Facilitating this rollout requires coordination and development in many areas. Not least of which from the automobile manufacturers themselves. Niche EV manufacturers such as Tesla have been established, producing only electric vehicles without any prior petrol or diesel powered models; but the established manufacturers are getting in the game too.

Here’s a look at some of the models available in 2017:

BMW i3

What may be mistaken for a concept car with its outlandish design, the BMW i3 is very much a production model and is available in the UK starting at £33,700. BMW has put a strong focus on performance to let this electric vehicle do its combustion cousins justice.

Citroën C-Zero

The French automaker’s electric car is equipped for city driving and features a 93-mile range and a top speed of 80mph. Not your large family sedan, this vehicle is suitable for the grocery run or dropping small children off at school in an ecologically friendly way.

Ford Focus Electric

Ford has taken its existing and very popular focus model and put an electric motor in it. Expect to pay a hefty premium for the car, priced at over £31,000. Whilst taking away some of the sluggishness of combustion-engined cars, you’ll also be content in knowing you’re helping the environment with driving this car.

Volkswagen e-Golf

Another variant on an already popular model, Volkswagen has given the Golf an electric motor option. Starting at £31,680 you’re looking at a premium over the petrol variants, but you’re getting a clean option of a popular car. Expect about a 186-mile range with the golf, so perhaps not the greatest for long distances, though commuting shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Just be sure to bring your charging cable to work to be safe.