Historical Data

NRG Expert has amassed a substantial amount of data throughout the years on many topics concerning the Energy industry. These years of hard work are paying off with the result that our analysts have access to a comprehensive set of historical figures. To make predictions about the future, one must always consider the past. With NRG Expert’s vast collection of historical data we offer not only an edge in our forecasting services, but are also leading in providing this historical data as a service to our clients.

We hold country by country data for many sectors including:

  • Electricity: Transmission & Distribution installed base and data, voltage tables, metering installations, smart meters, prices and feed-in tariffs, Capacity by Fuel type, total production, total consumption, imports & exports, lists of power plants, and listings of electrical supply industry companies
  • Gas: proven natural resources, Gross natural gas production, production for consumption, flared gas, Imports & exports, consumption, prices, meters installed, smart, and listings of Gas companies
  • Water: Access to drinking water, annual renewable water resources, fresh water withdrawal, installed meters, smart meters, and listings of water supply companies
  • Petroleum & BioFuels: Emissions from consumption, proven natural resources, petro-distillation capacity, petro-production & consumption, crude oil imports and exports, BioFuel production & consumption, fuel ethanol production & consumption, and Bio Diesel.

For more information or to obtain a sample, please contact us at info@nrgexpert.com.