Historical Transmission and Distribution Data

Historically the US has dominated in the length of T&D networks which has extended to over 11.0 million km, and at the same time Asia has grown substantially over the last three decates, Resulting in two of the top three spots in terms of length of networks going to Asian Countries. China has surpassed the US and boasts the longest system with 13.5 million km and India the third longest with 6.1 million km. The US network reached wide coverage sooner than in other country, but in Europe there was massive growth after the Second World War. Because of the nature and timing of the rapid growth transmission systems of Europe and the US and other industrialised countries are more mature, therefore showing a slower rate of growth over the past thirty years, than the newly developing transmission systems of Asia, the Middle East and South America.

As a result, much of the infrastrucure that is in place in Europe and North America is in need of replacement, whereas expansion is still the main driver for other economies. With new forms of generation and the increasing intricacy of the network with advanced monitoring and delivery systems, we’re faced with a two-tiered approach in R&D. On the one hand, R&D is taking place to retrofit new technology into existing systems (largely inefficient) but on the other, that same technology can be used in new development more efficiently from the start. In a way, the maturity of our network is holding us back with the technological potential that we now have. Needless to say, there is still a lot that can be done and it is certainly a very dynamic and interesting market to follow.

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