Home energy storage devices

Arguably, the home energy storage solution that has received the most attention is Tesla’s Powerwall. The brainchild of Elon Musk’s Tesla company is assisted by a mighty marketing machine and spill over technology deployment thanks to the other consumer energy products produced by the firm. Tesla is not the only company active in this space, however.
LG, the Korean firm known for many consumer electronic devices, has partnered with Sunrun to bring its battery storage solution to consumers in the US. A true competitor to Tesla, LG is focusing on delivering on marketing the technology to eco-savvy consumers.
Another automotive company joining the fold is Mercedes. The German auto manufacturer is focusing on individual markets with high solar potential to bring its home battery product to the consumer market. It’s not surprising to see automotive companies active in this space as there is a transition taking place towards an increasingly all-electric vehicle fleet.
It’s not only luxury car manufacturers looking to get a piece of the pie. Nissan was one of the first manufacturers to bring an all electric vehicle to market with the Nissan Leaf, and following on that Nissan now offers a battery storage option in select markets. One key difference and distinction that Nissan boasts over much of the competition is the focus on sustainability and the re-use of battery technology in its products, helping to reduce the overall material footprint that is associated with battery technology.
Germany is a world leader in renewable energy and is increasingly stimulating rooftop solar installations. It is therefore no surprise that there are yet more German companies active in the energy storage field. BMW, the German automaker, as well as Sonnen (a company focused on solar installations) have brought to market home energy storage devices.
With plenty of options out there, it can pay to do a little research and try to discover the best solution for both your needs and your pocketbook. Sadly the technology is still at a high cost; however, as the market matures it is sure to become more affordable.