The NRG Expert Almanac

Global Knowledge at your Fingertips

As the global energy market continues to grow rapidly in size and complexity, historical context is more important than ever for understanding existing trends. The NRG Expert Almanac is a powerful tool for accomplishing this. It is an on-demand source for the rigorous market intelligence needed to navigate today’s energy market.

The Almanac

The NRG Expert Almanac leverages the power of our entire research house and provides valuable, in-depth and often unpublished data and intelligence on a global scale. It is a by-country interactive statistics database organized into discrete Excel files by nation.

The NRG Expert Almanac is in invaluable tool for your business needs and will show the state of the energy industry for any country covered. With this information you will be armed to make key business decisions and be able to assess the historical state of the market and see how events have shaped the energy market for those countries.
The Almanac provides data on:


• Transmission & Distribution Installed Base
• Voltage Tables
• Metering Installations
• Smart Meters
• Prices and Feed-In Tariffs
• Capacity by Fuel Type
• Total Production
• Total Consumption
• Imports & Exports
• Lists of Power Plants
• Listings of Electrical Supply Industry Companies


• Proven Natural Resources
• Gross Natural Gas Production
• Production for Consumption
• Flared Gas
• Imports & Exports
• Consumption
• Prices
• Meters Installed
• Smart Meters
• Listings of Gas Companies


• Access to Drinking Water
• Annual Renewable Water Resources
• Fresh Water Withdrawal
• Installed Meters
• Smart Meters
• Listings of Water Supply Companies

Petroleum and Biofuels

• Emissions form Consumption
• Proven Natural Resources
• Petro-distillation Capacity
• Petro-production & Consumption
• Crude Oil Imports & Exports
• Biofuel Production & Consumption
• Fuel Ethanol Production & Consumption
• Bio Diesel