Energy Market Research

NRG Expert is leading in energy market research. As an independent global researcher, NRG Expert believes it is well suited to undertake any research task thanks to an impartial stance and objective view of the worldwide energy industry. Armed with the research skills and industry-leading global and national data and statistics, NRG Expert can provide a thorough third party analysis representing, considering and analysing both the client’s needs and the target industries without any bias.

All research, no matter what the size of the project needs to start somewhere. At NRG Expert we prefer to use a multi-facetted approach to any research project undertaken. NRG Expert is setting a new standard in authoritative forecasting in the energy industry, a consequence of a robust approach to data collection and analysis that removes the need for “intelligent guess-work”.

A key component of our offer is that the senior personnel are actively involved in EVERY project that goes through the business, and usually are actively undertaking research themselves. The practice of larger agencies is for the directors to take a step back once a project is won, handing the design and implementation to less experienced staff who have neither the commercial skills nor technical acumen of the directors. Having worked in larger research companies, we believe this to be bad practice and have therefore deliberately built the business model we have.