NRG Expert as an Expert Witness

NRG Expert is able to provide a wide range of bespoke services to anyone looking for Energy Intelligence. With vast databases containing historical information on many aspects of the Energy industry, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and have become experts of the Energy Industry. This expertise can not only be used to make business decisions and help with modelling and forecasting; it is also a critical component in various types of legal proceedings.

We are able to act as independent witnesses and experts to testify, or provide written reports on the state of the energy industry; and offer our opinion on projects or investment plans past, present, and future for use in arbitration, compliance statements, IPO and similar prospectuses and other regulatory filings.

For state actors or non-energy industry participants looking to make decisions relating to the energy industry, our tailored services can provide the independent edge to help make key decisions or help in dispute resolution.

Our unique and comprehensive sets of data are at our disposal to deliver a thorough analysis of the topic investigated. NRG Expert’s experience means that we can also think with you and develop strategy or provide guidance to you, to make sure all angles are covered.

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