NRG Expert Transmission & Distribution Sectors

NRG Expert has built up several separate forecasts of different components and aspects of the electricity supply industry globally. This collection of separate forecasts is valuable in providing validation of each forecast. For example, a database and forecast has been constructed for power and distribution transformers from commercial data. From the T&D Study, we can estimate transformer demand as a constituent of total capex, since we have established how capex is broken down. Each of these separate estimates either confirms of contradicts the other and we can reconcile them.

We have been able to present three separate reports and databases focusing on one aspect of the industry as defined in the NRG Expert T&D Sectors. They are as follows:

Global High-Tech Power Market Report and Database

This report and database provides a focused look at the advanced grid automation and power systems technology that will replace old infrastructure as smart grid systems become ubiquitous. Contents include detailed data and analysis of annual demand and capital expenditure for this sector (defined as utility automation and power systems technology) and the value of the entire Transmission and Distribution sector as a part of the smart grid market. Power system subtopics include turnkey substations, HVDC systems, and FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems).

Global Market for Cables, Insulators, and Towers Report and Database

Electricity demand is growing, and demand for cables, insulators and transmission towers is growing with it. However, a variety of distinct development paradigms are at play. While developing countries have primarily seen point-to-point radial distribution instead of intermeshed networks, many developed countries have pursued a policy of putting all urban distribution underground. Policy variations like these can then have knock-on effects. The NRG Expert Global Market for Cables, Insulators and Towers report and database will help you navigate this market sector. It provides detailed data and analysis on annual demand and capital expenditure (capex) for over 180 countries. National grid maps are also included for selected countries.

Global Power Infrastructure Market (Transformers, Switchgear & Substations) Report and Database

T&D networks are growing rapidly, causing demand in the power infrastructure market sector to grow. This NRG Expert market research report has been written to accompany the database, to provide an analysis of the global power infrastructure market, with a particular focus on electrical power transformers, electric switchgear and electrical substations. It provides insightful analysis and forecasts on the transmission and distribution market, electrical supply industry and T&D companies. This analysis is essential for identifying the opportunities in this sector.