The Ukranian Transmission Network

The transmission and distribution network that Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Union is inefficient and antiquated and a significant amount of power generated in Ukraine is wasted via line losses. In February 2001, Russia and Ukraine struck a deal to reconnect their energy grids, providing Ukraine with a more stable electric frequency and allowing Russia to export its electricity to other countries – including Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania, and the Balkans – via Ukraine. The National Power Company, Ukrenergo, is an observer in CENTREL.
The T&D System comprises 20 000 km of 220-750 kV trunk transmission lines, more than 100,000 km of 35, 110, 154 kV distribution networks and more than 900,000 km of 0.4 —10 kV distribution networks.
By 2001, the length of power networks of the Ukrainian UES exceeded 1 million km of aerial and cable power transmission lines of all voltage levels, as well as over 207 thousand of 6-750 kV transformer substations with total capacity of 202 thousand MVA.
UES of the Ukraine integrates eight regional power systems – Dniprovskaya, Donbasskaya, Western, Crimean, Southern, South-West, Northern and Central. The regional systems of UES of the Ukraine are interconnected through trunk (backbone) and interstate 750 and 330- 500 kV power transmission lines extending for over 17,000 km. Electricity from generating plants is transmitted via trunk power transmission lines and subsequently – via power distribution networks to consumers. The key facilities of main interconnections are substations and 750 kV aerial lines, substations and 330 kV power networks and certain transit aerial power transmission lines.