What Are the Top Fuel Efficient Vehicles in 2019

It is every driver’s dream to find a car that doesn’t cost them a fortune to run, but still performs to the highest standard. Gas guzzlers are fast falling out of fashion and the new trend for cars is super efficient vehicles that sip gas like a British woman with a teacup. You might need to spend a little extra upfront for a fuel efficient car but there are so many reasons why having one is well worth any extra initial costs. To name just two, over the lifetime of the car you will save thousands on gas and you will be doing your bit for the environment.

So, which cars are the most fuel efficient in 2019?

The Honda Insight

You’re not going to turn heads in this car, but you are going to keep your bank balance health. The Honda Insight can cover a whopping 54 miles per gallon of gas (mpg). To put that into perspective, the average car in the US hits around 25 mpg. Take this baby out on the motorway and you may see that efficiency increase to the low 60s. At this rate you’ll only need to refuel once a month!

Toyota Prius Prime

Ah, the Toyota Prius AKA Ol’ Reliable. If you’ve ever taken an Uber anywhere you will be well familiar with this car. What you might not know already is how fuel efficient the Prius is. This could explain why they are such a popular choice for Uber drivers. In tests carried out by experts, this vehicle has a fuel efficiency of around 52 mpg.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Of course, if you are looking for serious money saving, fuel efficiency, you need to invest in an electric car. While Tesla is thought to dominate this sphere, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric surprised everyone by being given a fuel efficiency certificate of 136 MPGe by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). MPGe stands for Miles Per Gallon of gasoline equivalent – in other words, electrical charge.

Tesla Model 3 (Long Range)

We can’t talk about fuel efficiency without mentioning at least one Tesla car on this list. The Tesla Model 3 (Long Range) has an efficiency rating of 126 MPGe, although this is lower than its short range counterpart due to the weight of the heavy battery. The benefit of driving around in this vehicle is that it looks good so you can save the planet in style.

Mitsubishi Mirage

This car has a tiny 1.3 litre engine and is one of the cheapest cars to buy new in America. Already that should have caught your attention. This vehicle has an excellent fuel efficiency rating and the average driver spends just $950 per year on fuel for it. It is estimated to have run at 36 miles per gallon city, 43 highway, and 39 combined.

Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Sedan

Diesel cars are losing favour with the general public, but this vehicle is the second most efficient non-hybrid car in the country. Fuel costs are low and efficiency is high, which may explain why Chevrolet is still rolling them out in the US and other global markets. It is also a large and spacious car, which makes them more appealing for families.