Global Power Plant Database

Detailed intelligence is a powerful tool. With a list of over 24,000 power plants, this global database provides the essential detail needed for making informed decisions. The power plant database can be used to find regional or national power mixes, nameplate capacities, market details and to develop strategies. The scope is truly global with power plants from over 180 nations represented.

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Product Details

  • Over 24,000 power plants listed by country, fuel and capacity
  • Further details about individual power plants
  • The total generating capacity in megawatts of the power plants listed in the database amounts to 80% of the world’s capacity of 5786 GW
  • The power plants are classified by fuel (individual fuels or combination fuels), fuel group (thermal, hydro, nuclear, RE, hybrid) and capacity MW
  • The list of power plants covers all the fuel groups for example: nuclear power plants, electricity power plants, solar power plants, coal power plants, hydro, thermal or renewable power plants and much more.
  • Data is presented in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (xlsx.) with separate regional tabs organized by country. (For example power plants lists are provided for countries in North, South and Central America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia, CIS, Pacific and Africa)

Power Plant Database Scope

  • All sections of the industry are covered, including utilities, independent power producers (IPPs) and captive power plants (CPPS)
  • The list of power plants has been compiled from many sources, including regulators, utility reports and websites, together with magazine and press reports
  • Where information is available, further data is included – units and technology, year of commissioning, ownership type (utility, IPP, CPP) and owner
  • Where available, contact information (including telephone numbers and addresses) are also included

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Key reasons to purchase this Power Plant Database

  • Find the power mix of a region or country (for example: do they rely on nuclear power plants, solar power plants, coal power plants or another fuel source?).
  • Find the total nameplate capacity for a region, country or individual power plant
  • Access extensive contact information for individual power plants listed across the world
  • Map the size, scope and growth of energy markets throughout the world
  • Extrapolate the transportation or logistical needs of a region’s power industry
  • Develop strategies based on the size, composition and type of market

Background to this market research

As power generation networks continue to expand, investment in this industry will benefit strongly from detailed intelligence. This global overview of power generation infrastructure is an essential and powerful tool. It is the result of years of data collection on power plants worldwide.
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Edition 1: 2013-2014

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