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Strategic Workforce Planning
14-17 March 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
15-18 August 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa

Have you ever had vacancies in key roles you cannot fill? Even been caught off-guard with not enough labour, or too many people when demand has dropped? How about paying people who lack the skills for the job they are doing? All these scenarios are typical of poor workforce planning. All can be avoided.
Workforce planning is very much under-valued and misunderstood by the average business. Senior executives take it for granted that the business will have the right people, in the right jobs, with the right skills at the right time in the right numbers. Getting any of that wrong costs the business a lot of money and disrupts business continuity.
This 4 days course focuses not on theory, but on practical, real-life, proven workforce planning strategies and practices. You will take away knowledge but also models and templates that you can begin applying in your business immediately. Tools that will help you diagnose likely future issues and deal with them before they actually become real issues is a key part of the learning.
This course is designed to help you master the art of workforce planning so that your company’s biggest investment (or biggest expense if you get things wrong!) which is your workforce, is lean, productive and ready to add value.

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Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts for Energy Industry
10–12 May 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
15–17 August 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa

Today, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects are uniquely challenging. Parties currently involved in large complex and fast-track EPC projects frequently suffer financial loss that could have been mitigated by effective contract management. Appropriate practical “know-how” of EPC contracts will improve your ability to take appropriate steps, or to obtain necessary advice, to minimise or manage such risks.

This intensive workshop provides valuable insight into the rapidly evolving world of EPC contracts. It has been designed specifically for the professionals and management of energy industries throughout Asia Pacific and will be of particular interest to those with current or planned projects in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the CIS.

You will analyse an EPC contract, clause by clause, focusing on your challenges in international and domestic projects. This unique interactive master class discusses the key issues in EPC contracts which are relevant for lenders, sponsors and borrowers in international construction projects and the keys to deliver successful projects.

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IFRS for Oil & Gas Accounting
22–25 August 2016
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This course is designed for those with limited exposure to the methodologies and techniques associated with accounting for the oil and gas industry, together with those who wish to formalise their understanding gained through on the job experience.
The course examines all elements of oil and gas operations and considers eff ective and commonly utilised accounting treatments, classifications, recognition criteria and valuation and measurement decisions, based on national standards, US GAAP and International accounting standards.
You will gain understanding in key terminology and processes necessary for successful accounting careers with the industry, and will gain the confi dence necessary to participate in industry accounting activities.

Project Financial Modelling
22-25 August 2016

Today, Financial Modelling is uniquely challenging. Even the most carefully structured deals can face difficulties in attracting sufficient funding from international and local investors. More than ever, project developers, equipment suppliers, bankers and other credit agencies and investors must be properly equipped to analyse and explain the risks and prospects for a project’s future performance.
Therefore, this course is designed to help delegates build a financial model to best practice standards for project finance. The general logic and overall approach will be demonstrated; then you will step through developing a model: handling inputs, building detailed calculations and creating final outputs. You will then learn how to sensitise the model to understand how changes in assumptions affect the business results and viability.
Over 4 intensive days, you will learn modeling techniques from a highly experienced expert in the field, and you will develop a framework for recognising and analysing qualitative and quantitative risks. You will also understand how Excel models are used to assess debt capacity, cover ratios, NPV, investment returns and other metrics common to attractive deals.

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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
30 August – 2 September 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa
1-4 November 2016, Singapore

There are many moving pieces affecting the future of electric power development in emerging market. Unlike the past Independent Power Project models, which featured standardised take-or-pay contracts – today’s market demands more innovative incentives to ensure better availability, better performance, as well as more attractive and sustainable mixtures of fuel sources. Economies throughout Africa urgently need to master the key tools, models, and lessons learned for transforming and strengthening today’s electricity sector. These include the latest models in negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), in designing and managing new competitive power markets, as well as attracting the right mix of renewable energy sources.
This 4-day comprehensive workshop gives you clear explanations of the new models of PPA risk allocation, of designing and managing competitive power markets, attracting private investments in renewable energy, through a series of real case examples of contracts and markets. Case Studies will include real examples from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. Furthermore, cases stimulate independent thinking and discussion among participants.

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Reanne Lee
Infocus International Group
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Wind Power Morocco Conference
5-6 September 2016
Oujda, Morocco

Held under the patronage of Abdenbi Bioui, President of the Oriental Region, and Mohammed Mhedia, Governor of the Oriental Region, the Wind Power Morocco Conference will explore the policy framework and formulate the next steps to drive forward Morocco’s wind power market, with a focus on investments and private projects by international developers. Morocco has the most ambitious renewable energy programme in the MENA region and expects 42 per cent (equivalent to about 6,000 MW) of its total energy mix to come from renewable sources by 2020. It has more planned wind and solar projects than anywhere else in the region. This conference will deliver new ideas, strategies and tactics that directly affect how you do business in Morocco’s wind energy sector, plus presents a valuable opportunity for the world’s leading wind power companies to meet key local and regional stakeholders from government, investors and project developers.

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Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels 2016
6–8 September 2016
Stavanger, Norway

The 8th annual edition of Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels will be taking place from 6th to 8th September 2016 in Stavanger, Norway.
The anticipated conference will once again gather the most prestigious industry experts to discuss and debate crucial issues. This year is set to be an exciting one: we will be meeting and learning from more key names, exploring new topics such as construction safety, and visiting the world’s largest tunnel construction project.
Our 2016 high calibre speaker panel includes
• Torben Holvad, Economic Adviser – European Railway Agency
• Erwin Reichel, Coordinator Safety and Security – Brenner-Basis-Tunnel Company
• Gunnar Eiterjord, Project Manager Ryfast Tunnel – Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen)
• Massimo Mior, Work Site Manager Hovedstadens Letbane – Copenhagen Metro (Metroselskabet)
Don’t miss out on this fantastic event – take advantage of unique networking opportunities and leave with efficient strategies to successfully improve your tunnel safety. Visit or contact for more information.
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Wind Power Egypt
09-11 October 2016
Cairo, Egypt

Under the patronage of the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) and with the support of the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), the 2nd Annual Wind Power Conference will be taking place from 9-11 October 2016 in Cairo, Egypt. Join us to find out how the Egyptian government plans to generate 2,000MW of wind energy over the next 5 years. You’ll have the opportunity to network with key wind power project decision makers such as local government authorities, international developers, investors and some of the world’s leading wind power companies to discuss how to drive Egypt’s wind energy market forward. For more information email or visit

Succession Planning, Performance Management, and ROI on Training & Development
10–13 October 2016
Johannesburg, South Africa

This program brings together 3 important human resource management core competencies. All dynamic organizations are characterized by their meticulous HR planning and execution. This course will empower you to deliver leading-edge HR solutions to your company and to avoid expensive, outdated practices that offer low value.
Firstly, in succession planning, you will discover how you can emulate the proven strategies of major corporations to build and nurture a pipeline of talent that engages and retains those you wish to promote. You will see how to succession plan for all parts of your business so that you can stop having vacancies in key positions that cost money and disrupt business.
Secondly, in performance management, you will learn how to properly and fairly support and guide line managers to conduct meaningful and engaging performance appraisals on their staff. Learn how to measure performance, identify performance discrepancies and help poorly performing staffs do better.
Thirdly, in ROI on training and development, we will explore the pros, cons and pitfalls of measuring learning outcomes and attributing value to training services. You will understand how to measure both financial and non-financial ROI. This will elevate the reputation of HR/L&D in the eyes of senior management and will demonstrate that training plays a strategic role in business profitability.
This practical, hands-on course will have you excited by the new possibilities to drive performance in your organization. The examples given are proven winners and the materials provide for easy adaptation to your business. Within 4 days you can be forging positive change for your organization and your people.

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Gas to Liquids
12-13 October 2016
London, United Kingdom

SMi’s 19th annual Gas to Liquids conference will discuss how GTL companies can work with the tumbling oil price and how they can build robust strategies and create effective alternative solutions to enable them to weather the storm. This conference will have a special focus on small-scale GTL projects giving the chance to hear first-hand success stories from leading GTL operators. The-two day event will provide the ideal platform for experts to discuss with peers what companies need in place in order to overcome today’s challenges. Leading industry figures will dissect cutting edge topics, including project financing, marketing of GTL projects and innovative alternative applications of GTL plants.

Advanced Oil & Gas Accounting
18–21 October 2016

This course is designed for those with limited exposure to the methodologies and techniques associated with accounting for the oil and gas industry, together with those who wish to formalise their understanding gained through on the job experience.

The course examines all elements of oil and gas operations and considers effective and commonly utilised accounting treatments, classifications, recognition criteria and valuation and measurement decisions, based on national standards, US GAAP and International accounting standards.

You will gain understanding in key terminology and processes necessary for successful accounting careers with the industry, and will gain the confidence necessary to participate in industry accounting activities.

IEC 61850 Europe 2016
18 – 20 October 2016
Amsterdam Airport, The Netherlands

The 3rd Annual IEC 61850 Europe 2016 conference, exhibition and networking forum draws together 150+ IEC 61850 experts and decision makers from across the European utility sector. The case-study driven programme reveals key lessons learnt from the large-scale deployment of multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems, with equal emphasis on the engineering, operations & maintenance, and R&D processes. A pre-conference workshop on the Fundamentals of IEC 61850 will be led by Christoph Brunner, Convenor of IEC TC57 WG10 to bring all attendees up to speed on the essential building blocks and the latest developments with the standard. A series of Working Group discussions take place at the end of conference day one and give the end-user community the opportunity to voice their concerns and influence the future direction of the standard’s development. A solution zone running alongside the main conference provides a display of the latest IEC 61850 enabled systems, components, tools and services, and a Live Demo Lab provides hands-on experience with the most innovative tools and technologies to support the cost-effective deployment of IEC 61850 systems. Last but not least, an evening reception taking place the evening of conference day one allows attendees time to relax, unwind and network in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.
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RetrofitTech KSA
24-25 October 2016
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

RetrofitTech KSA 2016 will discuss the upcoming opportunities, strategies and challenges for retrofitting and refurbishing of existing buildings to reduce electricity and water usage. The event will give an update on KSA’s national energy efficiency program and gather regional and global industry experts to share case studies on the mechanisms and strategies to achieve the desired reduction in energy demand and increase in ROI.
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Gas / LNG Contracts: Structures, Pricing & Negotiation

09 – 13 May 2016, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
26 – 30 September 2016, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
17 – 21 October 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa
14 – 18 November 2016, Singapore

Due to the complex geopolitical nature of gas/LNG sourcing and long term nature of gas transactions between buyers and sellers, it is commercially prudent for those involved in this process to know the global gas/LNG supply situation, available techniques for price determination, contract negotiation and contract structure to be able to take appropriate action regarding these matters at present and provide safeguard for the future. Any misjudgement in any of these areas could result in wrong sourcing decisions, significant adverse financial consequences and legal liabilities.

This course has, therefore, been designed to enable the professionals in the gas sector and gas advisory services to make right sourcing decision, construct gas/LNG contracts and negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge in order to gain a competitive edge in the process.

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Power Week
07-11 November 2016

Designed for the global electric power & energy industry, POWER WEEK provides 5 days of networking opportunities, consisting of 2-day conference as the focal event, 3 workshops, 2 supplementary masterclasses, multiple case studies, expert views, and valuable insights on market outlook.

Meet your industry peers from electricity regulators, national power companies, renewable & IPPs, investors and suppliers – all at one platform. It would serve as an opportunity to engage with top industry players from around the globe. With the vast range of participants at this exclusive event, learn about the success strategies and pitfalls of well-known power projects, through our intense case studies. With valuable insights on policy & regulations, technology innovations for generation / transmission / distribution, environmental impacts, fuel supply sources, renewable / hydro / nuclear / gas to power developments, power trading, IPP projects, investment & financing, power contracts & negotiations and many more from C-level expert speakers & attendees, POWER WEEK is certainly an event not to be missed!

European Autumn Gas Conference
14-16 November 2016
The Hague, Netherlands

The city of The Hague welcomes EAGC’s 31st annual edition in 2016 to the World Forum │the Hague │Netherlands.

Entering its fourth decade EAGC will continue to explore micro commercial, strategic and political influences which are driving the EU Natural Gas and LNG agenda, such as the critical drivers for supply diversification and the immediate term security of demand opportunities.
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Central & Eastern European Gas Conference
15–16 February 2017
Zagreb, Croatia

After 30 years of European and global gas market partnership expertise, dmg::energy events will host the inaugural edition of our Central & Eastern European Gas Conference (CEE Gas) in Zagreb, Croatia scheduled for February, 2017. Bringing together all key stakeholders including gas suppliers, TSOs, regulators, government members, commercial executives and industry consultants, CEE Gas will provide an unrivalled platform for the strategic roadmap to a diverse and secure natural gas future for the region.
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Conference Materials

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9th Annual Oil and Gas Congress; Anchorage, Alaska Presentation
3rd Annual Effective Plant Shutdowns & Turnarounds Forum: Briefing