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Oil & Gas Telecommunications
25-26 March 2015
London, United Kingdom

The oil and gas industry’s needs for field communications services have increased significantly over the last 10 years. Complex operations and data requirements, coupled with highly collaborative work processes, often between multiple onshore and offshore locations, are increasingly reliant on robust telecommunications.
This event will tackle the challenges the oil and gas sector faces in some of the most dangerous, harsh, and remote environments on earth requiring a range of means to communicate with and draw information from platforms and land-based sites of all kinds from across the world.
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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
13 – 16 April 2015
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

There are many moving pieces affecting the future of electric power development in Emerging Market. Unlike the past Independent Power Project models, which featured standardised take-or-pay contracts – today’s market demands more innovative incentives to ensure better availability, better performance, as well as more attractive and sustainable mixtures of fuel sources. Economies throughout Asia urgently need to master the key tools, models, and lessons learned for transforming and strengthening today’s electricity sector. These include the latest models in negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), in designing and managing new competitive power markets, as well as attracting the right mix of renewable energy sources.

This 4-day comprehensive workshop gives you clear explanations of the new models of PPA risk allocation, of designing and managing competitive power markets, attracting private investments in renewable energy, through a series of real case examples of contracts and markets. Case Studies will include real examples from Asia, Europe and North America. Furthermore, cases stimulate independent thinking and discussion among participants.

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Social Media in Utilities
16-17 April 2015
London, United Kingdom

As social media continues to grow rapidly every year within the utility sector, companies need to identify the best approach and interaction techniques with the consumer in order to protect their brand and reputation. This medium of communication is now expected by the consumer and the landscape of social media continues to change as the conference approaches in 2015.
This conference will focus on injecting personality into communications, formulating imaginative strategies to appeal for the consumer and examine how to be a positive influence within the industry. It will also discuss investment in social media and give insight into how businesses can shape their online presence and develop strategies by harnessing this tool.
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Bid & Tender Management
20 – 23 April 2015

In this 4 days masterclass, we will outline the 3 keys that are crucial to your bidding success –
Position Yourself To Win, End-To-End Control & Pricing To Win.
On day 3, we will introduce the 3Ps Process™ and explore how to stop selling to your clients so they want to buy from you. During this intense day you will discover how to structure your bid so that your messages are easily understood; how to answer questions in a way that gets the best results; and how to use persuasive language to instantly connect with your client.
Throughout this highly interactive masterclass you will complete a variety of exercises to challenge and develop your thinking. On day 4, you will finalise your Personal Bid Structure Plan that you can use on future bids to improve quality of your responses so you win more work.
By the end of the masterclass you will have gained a detailed understanding of the issues that prevent you from winning more work and learn some of the methods that have helped clients win over $9 billion of new business.
So if you’ve ever felt bidding is hard work, stressful and even a little hectic; lost bids that you know you should have won and want to do better; or, found your proposals fall on deaf ears even though you know you are better, then this Bid & Tender Masterclass is for you.

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Reanne Lee
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Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts for Energy Industry
21 – 23 April 2015
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Today, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects are uniquely challenging. Parties currently involved in large complex and fast-track EPC projects frequently suffer financial loss that could have been mitigated by effective contract management. Appropriate practical “know-how” of EPC contracts will improve your ability to take appropriate steps, or to obtain necessary advice, to minimise or manage such risks.

This intensive workshop provides valuable insight into the rapidly evolving world of EPC contracts. It has been designed specifically for the professionals and management of energy industries throughout Asia Pacific and will be of particular interest to those with current or planned projects in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the CIS.

You will analyse an EPC contract, clause by clause, focusing on your challenges in international and domestic projects. This unique interactive master class discusses the key issues in EPC contracts which are relevant for lenders, sponsors and borrowers in international construction projects and the keys to deliver successful projects.

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Reanne Lee
Infocus International Group
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M2M Oil and Gas
29-30 April 2015
London, United Kingdom

The international oil and gas industry is continuously challenged by meeting production targets, ensuring safety and the respect of the environment. This conference will explore how fast and easy access to reliable information is pivotal to enable senior members of upstream and downstream oil and gas companies to appropriately focus on accurate decision-making.
Furthermore, it will provide attendees with the notion of how underlying wireless communications can connect from remote adverse locations to the control room.
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Credit Risk Management Forum
07-08 May 2015
Vienna, Austria

Risk Management is a hot topic wherever we go. After the financial crisis and credit crunch hit the world economies the importance of Credit Risk Management emerged even more. Credit Portfolios, Credit Scoring and Creditworthiness of individuals and companies are common terms in the everyday life of the financial sector.

During this event – following in the footsteps of our renowned Risk Management Series – the participants will hear about the updates and reviews on regulations and other frameworks such asIFSR 9, SSM, Basel III, Basel IV, SA-CCR, CEM, JQIS, LGD monitoring, PD term-structure, NPL portfolios, CvaR, RWA, Stress-tests, CVA and xVA Framework, and many more, gain insight to Credit Risk Modeling, Validation, and Counterparty Credit Risk furthermore they can also build long lasting business relationships with the representatives of the most significant financial institutions of Europe.
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REFIP 4.0 – 4th Annual Renewable Energy Finance in Practice Forum
07-08 May 2015
Vienna, Austria

With increasing costs of installation in traditional fossil fuels, Renewable Energy resources are becoming more and more competitive and a new era is emerging on the global energy market. The global energy transition is not only triggered by the fact that we are running out of conventional energy sources, but also because investing into renewables has the highest return rate on the market currently, even overtaking state bonds.
At our 4th Annual REFIP (Renewable Energy Finance in Practice) Forum we intend to provide space for building mutually beneficial encounters for investors, representatives of renewable energy companies and energy cooperatives who are looking for funding opportunities, energy experts and the key decision-makers of the most important Regulatory Bodies. We also recommend the event for the representatives of local municipalities, regional and governmental decision-makers looking for alternative ways of financing renewable energy projects.
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Oil and Gas Cyber Security North America
13-14 May 2015
Houston TX, United States of America

2-day event programme includes key presentations, case studies, technology sessions, panel debate and live demonstrations delivered by leading Cyber Security Experts, IT Security Specialists, Computer Scientists and Researchers, Policy Advisors and Security Programme Managers representing Federal Bureau of Investigation, Chevron Information Technology Company, Newfield Exploration Company, National Oilwell Varco, State of Texas – Department of Information Resources, NOV, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of Houston and many others.
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Human Capital & Talent Management for Public Sectors
18–21 May 2015
Cape Town, South Africa

The public sector faces more than just politics when it comes to succession planning; it also faces budget cuts and hiring freezes. The outlook for human capital in the public sectors is bleak: insufficient skills in the public sector; streamlining Government operations; non-integration and inefficiency in technology used throughout Government departments, fraud and corruption and the list goes on. Many public entities battle with the absence of efficient and effective HR delivery and practices in the business.
Talent development has been a key to the success of the Public Service, especially when it comes to filling of key positions at the public sector leadership levels. The future is one where we will have to learn to do much more with fewer people, and in less time. It will be harder to attract skill, engage and retain the people we want.
This course is designed to equip you to navigate the difficult times ahead and to avoid a human capital crisis in your organisation. It will help you to use proven strategies to fast-track the learning of your people – saving time and money. It will show how to extract more value from existing employees by helping them to be more innovative and resourceful. It will help you to identify and effectively address upcoming human capital problems and it will provide you with leading-edge models and tools to be a leader in people management practices.
This practical, hands-on course will have you excited by the new possibilities to drive performance in your organisation. The examples given are proven winners and the materials provide for easy adaptation to your business. Within 4 days of completing the course you can be forging positive change for your organisation and your people.
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4th Annual Collateral Management Forum
28 May 2015
Vienna, Austria

The ongoing flow of regulatory changes created many challenges for financial institutions to ensure that their effectiveness, workflows and optimized operations in the field of collateral management.The ever changing environment has set many obstacles also in optimizing the collateral that is fundamental in order to find a solution to the gap between collateral supply and demand.
A more cohesive and fully integrated collateral management framework is essential for each and every financial institution, so GLC Europe invites to brainstorm newly launched solutions and best practices at our 4th Annual Collateral Management Forum, where we bring together well distinguished experts from the leading European banks, under one roof on 28th and 29th of May, 2015 in Vienna, Austria.
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Project Scheduling, Risk Analysis and Cost Control
08-12 June 2015
Johannesburg, South Africa

In an increasingly asset-intensive industry, failure isn’t an option. Investment dollars must absolutely deliver on expectations. Environmental factors, market shifts, unforeseen engineering challenges, improper planning, overly optimistic goals, skilled talent issues, and a host of innumerable pitfalls and risks all have the potential to push ambitious efforts off schedule, over budget, and potentially offline. In challenging times, one failed project—a problematic exploration effort, a refinery plagued by equipment delays, or an otherwise on-track effort slowed by weather conditions—has the potential to jeopardize both short-term success and the company’s ability to further its long-term strategic goals.
How then do organisations prevent scheduling errors, define risk analysis and develop solid cost controls to ensure on time delivery and projects remain in scope? They do this through understanding best practice methods and learning in a safe environment before they execute in the field, regardless of industry or trade.

This workshop will prepare you to be proactive instead of reactive to project risks and scheduling issues. You will learn cost control modelling through proven best practice methods and case studies. As a group you will learn how to manage complex schedules, integrated master schedule plans and how to perform schedule analysis to determine critical path and critical chain processes. Throughout the 5 days you will master project scheduling, cost analysis and cost control. This foundation will lead to ways and methods of project monitoring and cost controls that can be used upon your return to the office. You will leave knowing you have the latest techniques to define, deliver and execute the project controls in your organisation.
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2nd Russian Energy Forum
09 June 2015
London, United Kingdom

Following a successful Russian Energy Forum 2014, Eurasian Dynamics is happy to invite you to join us for the 2nd edition of the conference in London.
This year we extend the event to one full day, comprised of four sessions, networking breaks, hot lunch and evening gala reception. With the presence of 20+ speakers, experts, energy and finance companies, professional services firms and distinguished government and VIP guests, this is a not-to-miss senior level conference and opportunity.
Attendees will engage in panel debates, special focus roundtables and will enjoy companies’ presentations on what matters the most for international energy business with Russia in current climate.
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