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Corrosion Under Insulation – Technical Interactive Forum
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
07-08 September 2014

Corrosion is one of the most important factors for breakdown in operations across numerous industries like oil, gas, manufacturing and construction. Corrosion under insulation, appearing especially in pipelines underneath the insulation is responsible for 40-60% of the maintenance and repairs costs. With alarming figures like these, its important to address and arrest corrosion related issues. Corrosion Under Insulation- Technical Interactive Forum, to be held on 7 – 8 September 2014 in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will aim to bridge the gap between must-haves and the current situation of CUI challenges in companies that are affected by it.
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5th Annual European Electricity Ancillary Services & Balancing Forum
Frankfurt, Germany
8-10 September 2014

This exclusive 5th annual marcus evans forum will offer critical insights into how market participants are benchmarking their balancing systems and ensuring the provision of ancillary services in order to drive seamless operation of the grid. We will be discussing the importance of pioneering practices, including demand response, battery storage and interconnectors, along with the challenges surrounding market design within Europe. Focus will be on the latest developments surrounding ACER’s and ENTSO-E’s network guidelines and codes, market harmonisation and balancing systems.

Attending this premier event will enable you to:
• Hear from the leading European regulators and be up to date with the latest network codes and guidelines
• Determine the progress that is being made in driving market harmonisation across Europe
• Understand the hurdles that are being overcome in order to successfully integrate renewable forms of generation into the electricity grid

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Kristiyan Sokolov
T: 357 22 849 408

5th Annual Electricity Price Modelling and Forecasting Forum
Frankfurt, Germany
11-12 September 2014

This exclusive 5th annual marcus evans forum will look into cutting edge pricing models across different timescales and provide advanced modelling and forecasting techniques. By looking into the picture of the current market design the conference will investigate the issue of liquidity and volatility for both wholesale and retail electricity prices and how to integrate the forecast into a better trading strategy.
Attending this premier event will enable you to:
• Improve your forecasting techniques from intraday to long term trading strategies
• Understand the role played by regulations to cut down costs and increase your bottomline
• Capitalise on advanced price risk management tools

For more information about the event please visit us here or contact:
Kristiyan Sokolov
T: 357 22 849 408

4th Annual Global Refining Technology Forum
Doha, Qatar
15-17 September 2014

Refineries world over are facing various challenges when it comes to utilizing resources to cope up with the economy changes, varying regulatory standards and optimizing processes while maximising productivity.To overcome these challenges, refineries are now focusing on new technologies and innovations, to optimize operations and maximize profits.
4Th Annual Global Refining Technology Forum organized by Fleming Gulf will gather refinery experts from across the globe to deliberate on the latest developments in refining. The 3 day conference will feature interactive panel discussions and case studies by industry experts. Please contact for more info.
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4th India Smart Utilities Week
16-18 September 2014
Delhi, India
4th India Smart Utilities Week will hosted by BSES Rajdhani Power limited and ConnecForce Events, which is the biggest India utilities show and conference in 2014, scheduled from Sep. 16 to 18 in Delhi.
This year’s biggest India smart grid & smart metering event will continue bringing robust discussion and dialogue between ministry of power, central and state regulators, state and private utilities, smart grid system integrator, smart metering companies. The event is to discuss key issues on power sector financing, smart technologies adoption, and smart grid regulation evolution.
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8th Annual Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management for the Oil and Gas Industry
Frankfurt, Germany
29 September- 1 October 2014

This exclusive 8th annual marcus evans forum will offer critical insights into the contemporary issues surrounding procurement and supply chain management for the oil and gas industries. We will be discussing how to benchmark procedures that are critical in minimising large expenditure and delays whilst ensuring business efficiency. Focus will be upon equipping industry leaders with contemporary supply chain and procurement insights in order to remain ahead in this dynamic area.
Attending this premier event will enable you to:
• Share best practices with leading global procurement and supply chain professionals
• Gain an insight into strategic sourcing strategies
• Mitigate risks in contract management

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Daniel Schuster
T: 357 22 849 308

Global Procurement Fraud Master Class Tour 2014

Neoedge presents the world-renowned Procurement Fraud Master Class to go on tour in 2014. This event has travelled across continents and was able to help many companies to: investigate, scrutinise, understand and eradicate procurement fraud. The tour kicks off in Singapore and then five major cities follow. This professional learning concept is made for you to choose which country and dates you would like to join.


Singapore: 26 – 28 March 2014
South Africa: 31 March – 2 April 2014
Hong Kong: 16 – 18 June 2014
Ghana: 10 – 12 September 2014
Brazil: 15 – 17 September 2014
Dubai: 20 – 22 October 2014

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2nd Annual Global Gas Opportunities Summit
Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey as a strategically located country serves as the energy transit route to supply between Asia & Europe. Discovery of several storage capacities in and around Turkey have paved way for a number of investors and will open doors going further. With considerable developments world over it is important to learn and implement from experience of others. Global Gas Opportunities Summit to be held in Istanbul, Turkey on 21-22 October 2014 will gather global experts and delve into issues like gas pricing, storage, re – export, pipeline infrastructure and related geo – politics and socio – economics.
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Loading Master Certification for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Terminals
27–29 October 2014

This loading master certification course tackles mastering the art of loading and unloading activities and carrying the responsibilities that come with it. The course involves Custody Transfer, which in short means the transporting of physical substance from one operator to another. It also includes the transferring of raw and refined petroleum between tanks and tankers. Every step of this Custody Transfer Operation such as safety, quality and quantity protection, preparation by planning, transparent communication and organization, are necessary skills needed. This workshop is designed to teach and create confidence by practical learning. It focuses on maximum efficiency and pragmatic control to minimize port turnaround time.
For further details, please contact:
Ms. Chezka Bayot
+65 6479 7553

European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGC) 2014
London, United Kingdom
28-30 October 2014

The European Autumn Gas Conference (EAGC) 2014 will attract business leaders operating within Europe’s gas supply chain who are looking to adapt and overcome the commercial, geopolitical and macro-environmental challenges of working in the region. These include government officials, regulators, upstream and midstream companies, utilities, traders and originators, investors and large industrial energy users.
Specialists in Gas, Natural Gas, LNG, Origination, Trading, Gas Supply, Gas Marketing, Gas Procurement, Business Development will hear from confirmed speaking companies including Gasunie, Wood Mackenzie, BP, Petronas Trading, RWE Supply and Trading, BG Group and Centrica Energy.

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Contact: Laurence Allen
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Contact: Hope Grant
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5th Annual Green Mobility Convention 2014
30-31 October 2014
Beijing, China
CDMC Events will be presenting the 5th Annual Green Mobility 2014 on Oct 30,31, 2014 in Beijing, China. With the support of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and China High-Tech Industrialization Association,WADE, it will be a one-stop platform to seizing the unique opportunity to network with the leading executives, participating in workshops on the latest strategies, sharing best practices with your market peers, discussing all the pressing issues other industry expert, access a comprehensive overview and debate how it can be improved, and establishing partnerships with the most important solution providers doing – or planning to do – business in the region. Contact:

Terminal Demurrage Masterclass
30–31 October 2014

When people think of demurrage, it is usually in relation to a shipowner’s claim under the charterparty when the charterer has exceeded the contractual laytime. However, in addition to this type of claim there are also demurrage claims under sale and purchase contracts for delays at load and discharge terminals. Consequently it is essential for everyone involved in terminal activities to be aware of the circumstances that can incur demurrage and to be aware how their actions/ inactions and even processing systems may contribute to demurrage.
For further details, please contact:
Ms. Glory Badilla
+65 6479 7553

Tanker Chartering
14–15 July 2014, Singapore
3–4 November 2014, Singapore

This course will cover key topics and issues in tanker chartering and will provide practical insights and possible remedies to these issues. It will ensure an understanding of the strategies to be followed for chartering and operating vessel charterparties, and the issues involved with claims, including demurrage. This course is tailored for those who deal in tanker chartering and operations in their daily work such as shipowners, charterers, shipbrokers, traders, P&I personnel, claims and cargo handlers.
For further details, please contact:
Ms. Chezka Bayot
+65 6479 7553

Tanker Demurrage Masterclass
16–18 July 2014, Singapore
5–7 November 2014, Singapore

This comprehensive masterclass provides both an overview and in-depth discussions of laytime calculations, tanker charter party clauses, and issues associated with laytime and demurrage. It expands on both the common and not so common issues associated with demurrage. Delegates will also learn to minimise their demurrage exposure and maximise on demurrage collection with reviews of case law that determines successful demurrage resolution. This masterclass is packed with practical exercises that will allow delegates to develop or enhance their demurrage knowledge and skill. Whether you are new to handling laytime and demurrage matters, seeking a refresher, or you would like a better understanding of the subject, this masterclass is for you.
For further details, please contact:
Ms. Glory Badilla
+65 6479 7553

Global FLNG Forum
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ample amount of natural gas resources world over has tilted the focus of companies on exploring, producing and refining natural gas for consumption. With global investments in FLNG expected to exceed $70Bn by 2020, there has been a steady rise in new projects and technological developments. World FLNG Technology Forum, to be held in Dubai – UAE on 3 – 4 November 2014 will gather global industry experts to delve into the latest developments and look at new project opportunities. With an effective blend of presentations, panel discussions and case studies the forum will provide an opportunity for the delegates to learn and stay updated from the experiences of their peers.
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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
9 – 12 Sep, Johannesburg 2014 | 20 – 23 Oct, Dubai 2014 | 18 – 21 Nov, Singapore 2014

There are many moving pieces affecting the future of electric power development in Emerging Market. Unlike the past Independent Power Project models, which featured standardised take-or-pay contracts – today’s market demands more innovative incentives to ensure better availability, better performance, as well as more attractive and sustainable mixtures of fuel sources. Economies throughout Asia urgently need to master the key tools, models, and lessons learned for transforming and strengthening today’s electricity sector. These include the latest models in negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), in designing and managing new competitive power markets, as well as attracting the right mix of renewable energy sources.

This 4-day comprehensive workshop gives you clear explanations of the new models of PPA risk allocation, of designing and managing competitive power markets, attracting private investments in renewable energy, through a series of real case examples of contracts and markets. Case Studies will include real examples from Asia, Europe and North America. Furthermore, cases stimulate independent thinking and discussion among participants.
Lisa Tan
Infocus International Group
Tel: +65 6325 0254 | Email:

Gas & LNG Contracts: Structures, Pricing & Negotiation

25 – 29 Aug 2014, Johannesburg | 08 – 12 Sep 2014, Port of Spain | 17 – 21 Nov 2014, Dubai | 01 – 05 Dec 2014, Kuala Lumpur

Due to the complex geopolitical nature of gas/LNG sourcing and long term nature of gas transactions between buyers and sellers, it is commercially prudent for those involved in this process to know the global gas/LNG supply situation, available techniques for price determination, contract negotiation and contract structure to be able to take appropriate action regarding these matters at present and provide safeguard for the future. Any misjudgement in any of these areas could result in wrong sourcing decisions, significant adverse financial consequences and legal liabilities.

This course has, therefore, been designed to enable the professionals in the gas sector and gas advisory services to make right sourcing decision, construct gas/LNG contracts and negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge in order to gain a competitive edge in the process.
Lisa Tan
Infocus International Group
Tel: +65 6325 0254 | Email:

Sustainable Innovation Forum 2014
Lima, Peru
9 December 2014

Now in its fifth year, the Sustainable Innovation Forum ( brings together world leaders, CEOs, senior executives, national, regional and city leaders, investors and industry experts to share ideas and accelerate innovative solutions to address climate change, accelerate green growth and sustainable development. With its unique informative but relaxed environment, the Sustainable Innovation Forum facilitates collaboration through networking, informed discussion and the creation of innovative partnerships for change.

Organised by Climate Action, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) alongside the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP), the forum generates robust debate and shares ideas, technology and solutions that can be turned into positive actions to climate-proof the post-2015 development agenda.

The 2014 Sustainable Innovation Forum will focus on the big issues at play to tackle climate change right now. Putting a price on carbon and enhancing public-private sector engagement.

Telecoms for Smart Grids
22-23 September 2014
London, United Kingdom

Smart grid communication technologies capable of enhancing energy efficiency, utility operations, renewable resource integration, and meet the needs of increasing power demands will lead the evolution of the smart grid. Against this backdrop, SMi’s 4th annual Telecoms for Smart Grids conference will provide the ideal platform to discuss both UK and European communications infrastructures for smart grid development and metering deployment, data communications infrastructure and integration, substation automation, distribution network upgrades and business process management with senior industry decision makers from an array of utilities.

Distribution Automation Europe
29-30 September 2014
London, United Kingdom

Deploying a smart distribution network is a critical goal for utilities to help manage electricity needs by making grids more efficient, reliable, and secure and reducing carbon emissions. Next generation hardware and software for DA gives utilities many more options in meeting these goals. SMi’s 4th annual Distribution Automation Europe conference will set out how to derive maximum value from your distribution automation investments by facilitating the impact and growth of renewables and improving communications systems architecture for increased reliability and efficiency of future networks.

Energy from Waste
13-14 October 2014
London, United Kingdom

SMi’s 7th annual Energy from Waste conference will provide updates through presentations and case studies on the regulatory framework governing the sector, technology innovation, financing models, CHP & district heating projects, and feedstock in the supply chain. With senior industry representatives presenting on their own experiences and referring to case studies, this event will provide an ideal platform for networking, sharing ideas and developing partnerships with key professionals to accelerate the growth of the Energy from Waste industry.

Shale Gas Environmental Summit
27-28 October 2014
London, United Kingdom

Shale gas is increasingly becoming the buzz word in the energy sector. The rapid boom of the shale gas industry in the US has transformed the world gas market outlook. This has spurred interest in shale gas possibilities in countries like Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. Although shale gas in only at its exploratory stage in the UK, the benefits of it are being underscored by the government. However the environmental impacts of shale gas cannot be ignored. Campaigners and environmentalists are lobbying against shale gas exploration in the UK. Against this backdrop, SMi’s 5th Shale Gas Environmental Summit provide a platform for various industry representatives including operators, environmentalists, campaigners, NGOs, academics and researchers to come together and discuss the environmental aspects of shale gas extraction and production.

17th annual Gas to Liquids
29-30 October 2014
London, United Kingdom

Drawing on 16 years of working within the Gas to Liquids industry, the SMi Group are delighted to announce their 17th annual GTL 2014 conference.

This leading industry event will provide delegates with a complete global breakdown of Gas to Liquids. With representatives from innovative companies this 2 day conference and workshop will cover leading project updates from North America to the Middle East, project financing, the latest technological advancement as well as much more.
Contact Andrew Gibbons on +44 (0) 207 827 6156 or via
Event website:

Project Financing in Oil and Gas
24-25 November 2014
London, United Kingdom

This event will present itself as the perfect forum for learning about project financing within oil and gas, giving delegates the opportunity to learn and network with key professionals within the industry. Case studies from recent oil and gas projects will demonstrate how to approach your own projects from providing a compelling strategy to secure your finance to understand what the lenders want to see.
Event attendees will hear about project financing expressed from the view of the lenders from around the globe. The diversity of companies representing all aspects of PF will enable delegates to have a broad spectrum of ideas and opinions to use on their own projects.

For more information or to register, please contact Sajid Goraya on +44(0) 207 827 6148 or e-mail
Event website:

3rd Annual LatAm HSSE in Energy
3-4 December 2014
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Work-generated illnesses, injuries and deaths are often seen as an unintended consequences. With 2 million occupational accidents occurring in Latin America, there is no better time than now to involve stakeholders in positive discussion on ways to mitigate risk and develop an HSSE culture. Stressing on the current need to prioritize worker’s safety in the region, Fleming Gulf is back with the 3rd Annual LatAm HSSE in Energy scheduled to take place on 3-4 December 2014 at Windsor Atlantica Hotel Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Based on the theme ‘HSSE as a corporate value’, the conference will discuss:
• Health & safety challenges in offshore activities
• Managing contractors to minimize workplace accidents
• Designing effective oil spill prevention & control plans
• Exploring ways to reduce climate change issues & geological threats & more…

For more details contact:
Alphy Nangani
T: 971 4609 1570 | E:
Twitter: #LatAmHSSE

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