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EPC in Oil and Gas
9-12 March 2015
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

EPC in Oil and Gas is an event intended for efficient and effective management of EPC projects, negotiation and contracts, and procurement and supply chain. Preventing delays and cost overruns is a key in improving large scale and complex projects in the industry. With the development and increase of demand in oil and gas, it is necessary that people involved in the industry are fully equipped with advanced training and in-depth understanding of the process of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) in oil and gas.
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Oil & Gas Telecommunications
25-26 March 2015
London, United Kingdom

The oil and gas industry’s needs for field communications services have increased significantly over the last 10 years. Complex operations and data requirements, coupled with highly collaborative work processes, often between multiple onshore and offshore locations, are increasingly reliant on robust telecommunications.
This event will tackle the challenges the oil and gas sector faces in some of the most dangerous, harsh, and remote environments on earth requiring a range of means to communicate with and draw information from platforms and land-based sites of all kinds from across the world.
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Social Media in Utilities
16-17 April 2015
London, United Kingdom

As social media continues to grow rapidly every year within the utility sector, companies need to identify the best approach and interaction techniques with the consumer in order to protect their brand and reputation. This medium of communication is now expected by the consumer and the landscape of social media continues to change as the conference approaches in 2015.
This conference will focus on injecting personality into communications, formulating imaginative strategies to appeal for the consumer and examine how to be a positive influence within the industry. It will also discuss investment in social media and give insight into how businesses can shape their online presence and develop strategies by harnessing this tool.
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M2M Oil and Gas
29-30 April 2015
London, United Kingdom

The international oil and gas industry is continuously challenged by meeting production targets, ensuring safety and the respect of the environment. This conference will explore how fast and easy access to reliable information is pivotal to enable senior members of upstream and downstream oil and gas companies to appropriately focus on accurate decision-making.
Furthermore, it will provide attendees with the notion of how underlying wireless communications can connect from remote adverse locations to the control room.
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