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Global Natural Gas Report Edition 1, 2012

The NRG Expert Natural Gas Report provides an analysis of the global natural gas market and its future development. It includes natural gas prices, known supplies, future directions for the market, potential or unconventional uses of natural gas and NGLs, coverage of natural gas markets at the country level, an in-depth analysis of the major independent and state-controlled natural gas companies, uses of natural gas in transportation and proven natural gas reserves.

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Shale Gas Report Edition 1, 2011

This NRG Expert report looks at changes, developments and forecasts in the shale gas market. It investigates the most important shale gas companies, provides data and statistics on shale gas reserves, and looks at the latest shale gas technology. With shale gas poised to be a major player in the energy market, this is essential information.

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Global Guide to Natural Gas Utilities Report Edition 1, 2012

The NRG Expert Guide to Natural Gas Utilities report provides a fully comprehensive global analysis of the natural gas industry. The report includes: a description of the different types of natural gas and uses, the global natural gas situation (including reserves, market, trade and the gas exporting countries forum), coverage of the national gas market at the regional level, in-depth reporting of the economic situation and natural gas market factors (including production, transportation, distribution and generation of electricity) for 116 countries worldwide.

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Global Oil Reserves and Shale Oil Report Edition 1, 2012

This NRG Expert report looks at global oil and shale oil reserves by country and company. It also provides data on oil supply and demand and unconventional or frontier oil and gas reserves. It also discusses environmental impacts and economic factors impacting shale oil and outlines the major countries involved.
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Oil Sands Report Edition 1, 2011

The NRG Expert Oil Sands report looks at the current global oil sands market and provides predictions for future growth, development and change. It examines oil sands companies, technology and reserves while providing information on extraction and market prices. In essence, all of the essential information on this emerging market sector.

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Global Nuclear Energy Report Edition 1, 2011

This report analyses the global nuclear power market, the market drivers and the key components for future growth and development. It looks at key nuclear power companies and technologies, existing nuclear plants, prices of nuclear energy and other nuclear energy data.
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Coal and Clean Coal Report Edition 1, 2011

This report analyses the global coal market, the market drivers and the key components for future growth and development. It looks at coal prices, coal companies and mining practices. It evaluates current coal extraction technology (including definitions of the various rankings of coal and their uses) and also provides essential coal industry forecasts. Environmental factors and transport of coal are also considered and subsections focusing on major coal-producing nations are also included.

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