$12 Billion to be Invested in Electricity Metering

As governments continue to mandate the roll out of smart grids and utility meters, investment flows into this sector. NRG Expert, the energy intelligence company, reviews the Metering, Global Smart Grid and Water Metering market to find out where the opportunities lie.

Top 5 Metering and Smart Grid stats

  • 60 million new metering units installed in China – in 2011
  • US$1 billion – invested in Brazil, by Siemens, over next 5 years.
  • 40% growth in demand for water  by 2030 – meters seen as a way to monitor usage and conserve water 1
  • $12  billion – to be invested globally in 2015 in electricity metering alone.

NRG Expert’s analysts have reviewed the global metering market place to find out which countries are investing in the metering and smart grid market and why?

Key Countries to Watch:

Brazil – combating energy theft

Brazil’s main reason to introduce smart (electricity) metering is to combat energy theft. Brazil is looking to create a safe, reliable network. Landis+Gyr in Brazil and has recently been awarded contracts to deliver 100.000 units to be housed in secure cases, to prevent tampering. Brazil is therefore seen as a test bed for metering security systems and remote monitoring

China – rapidly expanding economy

With an estimated population of 1.33 billion, China’s energy-hungry economy is rapidly expanding. Controlled by the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Southern Power Grid Company, smart meter rollouts continue at a steady pace with over 60 million new units installed in 2011 and roughly the same set to be deployed in 2012.

United States – focus on clean energy

In 2009 the American Recovery and Reinvestment act put a focus on clean energy solutions and funds have flowed from this legislation towards the smart grid. But while 33% of the population has now been equipped with smart electricity meters, critics are claiming it results in higher energy bills. Protests are therefore causing states to re-evaluate their utilities’ roll out plans.

Canada – growth may plateau 

As is also the case in Canada, there is large public resistance to smart meters which are blamed for increased prices and privacy issues. Recently, many municipalities in British Columbia have summoned the utilities to make smart-meter rollouts optional rather than mandatory.

Rollout is therefore taking place at a steady pace, but with increasing resistance, growth may plateau and target levels may not be reached as soon as originally thought.

Key players to watch:

Siemens have ramped up operations in Brazil, recently revealing plans to invest over US$1 billion in the Brazilian market over the next 5 years.

China favours its domestic producers who are also hoping to gain market share internationally with close to 25 million exported metering units in 2011.

Elster is gaining significant ground in utility metering deployments with recent major contracts awarded in, Australia, Brazil, and the US.

Toshiba announced its intention to acquire Landis+Gyr for US$ 2.3 Billion in 2011 and is now part of the Toshiba Group

Itron has recently gained a foothold in the lucrative Chinese market. Not in Electricity metering though, but in heat and water metering.

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Background information

NRG Expert is a London and Toronto based energy intelligence and market research publisher. NRG Expert provides up to date information and analysis on worldwide energy markets, including electricity, natural gas, coal, nuclear, renewable energy, water and waste, and all elements of energy infrastructure.

Source Data 1. Water Resources Group.  2. All other facts NRG Expert Metering Deployments and Smart Grid Summary Report 2012