Welcome to NRG Expert

NRG Expert, the global independent energy data and intelligence experts provide global energy data. We have an extensive portfolio of energy efficiency reports, databases and directories. The portfolio is continuously being updated and expanded. To view a full list of current and up and coming products please  email us on info@nrgexpert.com or call us on +44 (0) 20 8432 3059.

New Products include:

  • Cutting edge market reports and databases containing NRGExpert’s independent analysis, data and forecasts that offer you the most up to date information about the global energy markets and their technologies.
  • NRGExpert ONESource – An interactive package of all NRGExpert products for a low monthly price.
  • Natural Gas Price Forecasting & Advisory Service – A new Weekly subscription based service that provides optimum assistance to natural gas producers, end users and other entities that are looking for the best advice possible on when to buy, sell, and hedge natural gas.
  • NRGExpert Global Almanac – A by-country interactive database of Electricity, Gas, Water, Petroleum and BioFuel data containing Vital Statistics for each country, Utility Customers, Emissions, Energy Intensity, CAPEX, Regulators, plus detailed data on:
    • Electricity: Transmission & Distribution installed base and data, voltage tables, metering installations, smart meters, prices and feed-in tariffs, Capacity by Fuel type, total production, total consumption, imports & exports, lists of power plants, and listings of electrical supply industry companies, and
    • Gas: proven natural resources, Gross natural gas production, production for consumption, flared gas, Imports & exports, consumption, prices, meters installed, smart, and listings of Gas companies, and
    • Water: Access to drinking water, annual renewable water resources, fresh water withdrawal, installed meters, smart meters, and listings of water supply companies, and
    • Petroleum & BioFuels: Emissions from consumption, proven natural resources, petro-distillation capacity, petro-production & consumption, crude oil imports and exports, BioFuel production & consumption, fuel ethanol production & consumption, and Bio Diesel.