As water stress continues – is desalination the answer?

The BBC recently reported that “Over the past 40 years the world’s population has doubled. Our use of water has quadrupled. Yet the amount of water on Earth has stayed the same.”* NRG Expert, the energy market research company, asks, “could desalination be the answer to the world’s water stress?

NRG Expert’s analysts have reviewed the global desalination market place to find out which countries are investing and why?

While the BBC reported that  “Desalinated water costs maybe 15 times more than regular water”, NRG Expert’s Desalination Market Research Report has found that new technologies mean the costs of desalinated water are declining and that this figure is likely to decrease.  This is due to technological advances, improvements in energy efficiency and an increase in the lifetime of desalination plants. Due to water stress, we are now seeing a growing desalination market.

Which desalination markets are growing the most?

The Gulf area will continue to be the largest desalination market, with its rapidly growing populations, depleted ground water resources and the need for replacement capacity for old desalination plants.

But the use of desalination is growing in the Mediterranean countries, too. Notably in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Spain.

And China and India are both constructing desalination plants, due to their rapidly growing demand for water creating water stress.

Where do I find desalination market research?

NRG Expert’s analysts have reviewed the global desalination market place to find out which countries are investing and why. The latest water desalination market research report covers mobile desalination plants, energy recovery devices, waste management, desalination technology, desalination market place, water stress and investment potential and more.

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