Electricity Distribution and Transmission Report – Table of Contents

The report compliments the T&D database by providing valuable in-depth analysis on the data. The report outlines the background to the Electrical Supply Industry, and provides a comparative overview of Annual Demand for T&D Equipment.
Also presented in the Report is a Company Analysis showing Global Market Share data for major players as well as a regional breakdown of the market shares for Smart Grid companies in key regions.
Finally the report covers the NRG Expert Methodology.

T&D Report Table of Contents

Terms, Definitions, and Methodology Accompanying the Database 6
Transmission and Distribution Sectors 6
Cables > 1kV 7
Towers 7
Insulators and Fittings 7
Transformers 7
Switchgear 8
Power Systems 8
Utility Automation 9
Forecasting and Modelling approach 9
Methodology 9
The History of the Electrical Supply Industry 11
The Early Origins 12
Parallel Developments 13
The First Networks 14
Regional Evolution of Networks 14
International Collaboration and Unification 15
National Historic Development of Transmission and Distribution Networks for Selected Countries 16
Germany 16
The United States 18
Great Britain 20
France 21
The Current State of Global Transmission Networks 22
Interconnections 23
International Transmission Grids 24
Technological Barriers 25
Future Interconnectivity 26
Undergrounding 27
Technical Aspects 28
AC Underground Cables 28
DC Underground Cables 30
Technological Developments and the Smart Grid 30
Developments and impacts of the smart grid on Transmission and Distribution Systems 30
Storage 31
Microgrids and Distributed Generation 33
Asset Management and Infrastructure Maximization 33
Future Outlook 34
Line Lengths 34
Capital Expenditure 35
Annual Demand Sectors 36
Transmission and Distribution Industry Players 37
Major Manufacturers and Industry Players 37
ABB 37
GE Power 38
Schneider 38
Siemens 39
European Market Shares for Major Manufacturers 39
Asian Market Shares for Major Manufacturers 39
North American Market Shares for Major Manufacturers 40
Sources 41


Table 1 Global Rank by Size of Transmission and Distribution Networks in 2018 26
Table 2 European Market Shares in terms of Value for Major Manufacturers 39
Table 3 Asian Market Shares in terms of Value for Major Manufacturers 39
Table 4 North American Market Shares in terms of Value for Major Manufacturers 40


Figure 1 Transmission and Distribution Network Length by Region (km) 23
Figure 2 Screenshot of ENTSO-E Website showing a large portion of the grid network of Europe 24
Figure 3 Installed Transmission Line Length by Region (km) 34
Figure 4 Installed Distribution Line Length by Region (km) 35
Figure 5 Global Development of Capital Expenditure 2018-2023 (million US$) 36
Figure 6 Annual Demand Breakdown by Sector 37

The database can be purchase with or without the report. The database contains data for 180 countries. In the report the analysts selected a number of countries to explore further and provide additional market intelligence information. Please see the Global Database and Report Brochure for a complete list of all the countries covered in the database.

Price – Global Database & Report: £5,200.00
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Edition 9: 2019

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