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NRG Expert’s Global Energy Statistics database is provided free of charge and presents a global look at the key global energy statistics. The following is included.

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Total Generating Capacity 

This sheet provides the total Electricity Generating Capacity in MW for over 180 countries.

NRG Expert has a vast database of operational, historical and new power plants that form the basis of this research as well as information directly from the industry and governments. In this Database, we’ve compiled the information from the year 2000 to 2012. In the NRG Expert Power Generator Database and Market Intelligence, we provide a closer look at the electricity generation industry and show this data broken down by fuel type from 1990 with forecasts to 2020.

Total Electricity Net Generation and Net Consumption 

Now that we know the capacity by country, how much electricity is actually generated and how much of that energy is consumed? These two sheets will allow you to compare electricity generation statistics for over 200 countries and territories by Billion kWh.

Also featured in our Power Generator Database and Market Intelligence, this selection of free data will provide you with a current look at the state of the power generation industry and national electricity consumption.

Electricity Imports and Exports 

The last of the electricity sector data, these sheets examine the total electricity imports and exports for over 80 countries. As the world electricity markets become more and more interconnected and power demand increases at startling rates, the trade in electricity is becoming ubiquitous.

If you’re looking for more information on a particular country, why not take a look at the NRG Expert Almanac? You’ll find these national statistics and more.

Natural Gas Production and Consumption 

Moving away from power generation and on to natural gas statistics, the following two sheets provide a close look at the total production and consumption of natural gas around the world.

With statistics covering over 90 countries, NRG Expert has provided a glimpse of the state of the natural gas industry from 2000 to 2012. Expressed in billion cubic feet, use this data as a starting point in the natural gas industry.

Natural Gas Imports and Exports 

Highlighted by recent events in other energy sectors, natural gas flow has become a hot topic within the industry. NRG Expert has provided you with a look at the trade in natural gas into and out of major countries.

With new shale gas reserves being discovered and exploited, new countries are entering the global stage of natural gas trade.

Coal, Oil, and Gas Proven Reserves 

How long until we run out? It’s a question we’ve been putting off for a long time; yet it’s also one that we cannot easily answer. NRG expert has compiled a close look at current and recent proven reserves by country for these three commodities, providing valuable insight into the state of these industries. With this free data, take a look at the distribution among countries and use it to evaluate the Nations’ energy security.

Carbon Footprint 

A big term in the eco-industry is “carbon footprint.” Just how much does one household per country contribute to the world’s carbon emissions?

NRG Expert has looked at this data for over 60 countries and we’ve found some striking figures. Going back to 2000 and looking until 2012, see the impact a heightened push for renewable energy has had on our total carbon footprint based on the number of households and total CO2 emissions.

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This database has been compiled by NRG Expert from hundreds of known sources of reliable energy information. Although NRG Expert strives for 100% accuracy, this database only contains data that NRG Expert has been able to verify as reliable. Where we have been unable to verify certain data lines, or where data simply does not exist or has not been made public, we have left the data cell blank. Thus, blank data cells are not omissions and do not make this product incomplete. We welcome any feedback on any errors:
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