Free Smart Grid Data of the Month: ‘Annual demand for Smart Meters and Smart Grid Systems for Europe’

Here at NRG Expert we are always releasing customised energy data and high quality reports. To demonstrate our expertise, each month we will be offering a free sample report or piece of interesting energy data.

This month we are offering complimentary energy data on the ‘Annual demand for Smart Meters and Smart Grid Systems for Europe’.

The figures represent NRG Expert’s analysis of the value of the smart grid market in Europe. This data outlines the investment potential by country per year of smart grid meters and systems. The data is provided in US dollars for 36 countries in Europe between 2011 and 2015. This energy data has a retail price of £175.

For example, did you know that in the UK demand for smart meters and grid systems if forecasted to rise from $655 million in 2011 to $915 million in 2016?

If you are currently preparing energy market forecasts, this Smart Meters and Grid Annual Demand Data could prove invaluable for you and your business and is completely free for one month only.

To download NRG Expert’s ‘Energy Data of the Month’ on Smart Meters and Smart Grid Systems visit our website:

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