Free Smart Grid Overview Report Available Until 15 Nov 2012

To demonstrate their expertise in the energy sector, each month NRG Expert will be offering a free sample energy report containing valuable energy data, market analysis and energy intelligence. This ‘Data of the Month,’ is a high quality energy report, that has a retail price of £175 and is available free of charge for just one month.

NRG Expert’s free Smart Grid Overview Report was released onto the site last month and is now available to download for just a few more days.

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The Smart Grid Overview Report (available until 15 Nov) provides an analysis of the smart grid market, the business case for the smart grid and barriers to the development of the smart grid. It also provides an analysis of traditional and future electric grid system.

With the  future value of the Smart Grid sector forecast to grow to 100 billion by 2020,  governments, companies and individuals are researching this market heavily and this report provides some extremely useful energy data and information. Chinese leaders are even going so far as to say that they view smart grid technology as the ‘next industrial revolution’.

Each month NRG Expert provides free data through their Data of the Month promotion.

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Background information
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