Global energy demands grow 53% by 2050

NRG Expert has just released the ‘Power Generator Database and Market Intelligence’. This database forecasts how much energy each fuel generates now and in the future. With global energy demands set to grow by 53%, it’s critical reading. The report has uncovered some interesting facts…

Top power generation facts:

 Which fuel generates the highest capacity?

  • It’s coal! …with an estimated 1.7 Million MW produced worldwide.

 Where are the biggest fuel reserves globally?

  • While the Middle East has the highest regional fuel reserves, at a country level, NRG Expert reveals the top energy producers for oil and coal:

 Top Oil Producers:

Country Thousand  bbl/day
Russia 9,933
Saudi 9,759
US 9,140

 Top Coal Producers:

Country Thousand short tons
China 3,362,050
US 1,072,752
India 611,444

Which country has the highest energy net consumption?

  • The USA still beats the charts, though China is predicted to grow the fastest.

Who has the biggest reserves of uranium?

  • Interestingly, it is Australia!

Why is power generation of interest?

NRG Expert’s Power Generator Database and Market Intelligence predicts that our energy demands will grow by another 53% by 2050. Plus in the next 10 years alone, NRG Expert reveals that our global power generation will increase 42%. Companies, governments, and investors need to work out how to support this growth.

To help companies with complex energy forecasts, NRG Expert has built up a global fuel database which outlines data and information on:

–       Sources of energy

–       Annual capacity by fuel type

–       Net annual fuel generation

–       Future power projects by country

–       Annual energy consumption

–       Coal, gas, oil reserves by country

–       Carbon dioxide emissions

–       Existing and new power plant listings

The database is supplied together with a free copy of NRG Expert’s Energy Efficiency Report.

 “Data on sources of energy is very powerful for investors, companies and governments as it helps them forecast future energy requirements.” Max Krangle, Managing Director, NRG Expert

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Background information

NRG Expert is a London and Toronto based energy intelligence and market research publisher. NRG Expert provides up to date information, reports and analysis on worldwide energy markets, power generation and sources of energy including electricity, natural gas, coal, nuclear, renewable energy, water and waste, and all elements of energy infrastructure.

The Power Generator Database and Market Intelligence 2012 has just been published and is one of the few sources of detailed data about annual fuel capacity, energy consumption, coal, gas and oil reserves and existing and new power plant listings on both a global and local scale.

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Source data: NRG Expert Power Generator Database and Market Intelligence 2012