NRG Expert OneSource

NRG EXPERT ONE SOURCE™ combines the power and flexibility of the entire NRG EXPERT Research house of report and database publications together with valuable in-depth and often unpublished data collected by the NRG EXPERT Intelligence Unit with the convenience and control of a browser based system. Enjoy access to the entire NRG EXPERT portfolio of current and historic reports and databases with advanced analytics, detailed charting, current and historical data and constant refreshment of content. With 24 hour real-time world-wide access⃰ from powerful and secure high speed servers located in Europe and the United States of America, and no software to download, you can leverage the power of NRG EXPERT ONE SOURCE™ to build your own energy market intelligence today.

Key Features

  • Instant access to the entire portfolio of all NRG EXPERT Energy Reports and Databases, with all new titles added on the day of publication.
  • Instant access to the entire NRG Expert Almanac, and updates.
  • Instant access to NRG EXPERT Intelligence Unit market data, often otherwise unpublished (including NRG EXPERT Energy Research unpublished back-up databases for all charts and tables in each NRG EXPERT report)
  • Dynamic easy to use system with no software to download. On-line capability for viewing of NRG EXPERT PDFs, Word, and Excel files from any web browser in the world, including smart phones, for no additional charge.
  • Advanced search capabilities that allow the user to search all NRG EXPERT products for key words and phrases.
  • Access to all historical NRG EXPERT publications and data in addition to all current and every new report, database, and directory produced.
  • Ability to print & download all documents.
  • On-demand data extract capabilities to your own spreadsheet.
  • Serious Cost Savings: save over 50% of the cost of buying individually NRG EXPERT Research Reports and Databases.
  • Excellent value for money compared to other Online and “Terminal” data services and providers.

The Fine Print

Not all historical versions of all NRG EXPERT products may be available online due to in-compatibility with current software systems and browser settings. Should an NRG EXPERT ONESOURCE™ client wish to view an existing NRG EXPERT product that is not available online, it may be ordered offline for no additional fee, subject to availability.

NRG EXPERT ONESOURCE™ solutions are available world-wide⃰. Our Secure Data Centers house internally secure hardware and software systems. These facilities are staffed 24/7 and provide multi-level uninterrupted backup power. Multiple backbone connectivity further facilitates server availability.

⃰NRG EXPERT reserves the right to restrict access to NRG EXPERT ONESOURCE™ from certain countries using external ISP blocking for legal and security reasons. Access to NRG EXPERT ONESOURCE™ is currently unavailable in North Korea, India, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Nigeria, Belarus, Libya and Myanmar (list subject to change, without notice).

A minimum 12 month subscription period applies to all new users, with an upfront annual fee payment. After the initial 12 months, a monthly rolling contract will apply with a minimum 30 day cancellation period. Additional users within existing companies and organizations can be added at any time subject to the terms of the NRG EXPERT ONE SOURCE™ Subscription Agreement.

All usage of the NRG EXPERT ONESOURCE™ platform is subject to user license and NRG EXPERT ONE SOURCE™ Terms and Conditions. NRG EXPERT is a trading name of NRG Smarts Limited, registered in England & Wales.

©NRG SMARTS Limited 2011. All Rights Reserved. E&OE.

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