Just released: New Complimentary Energy Data on Energy Storage

To demonstrate their expertise in the energy sector, each month NRG Expert will be offering a free energy report containing valuable energy data, market analysis and energy intelligence.

This month NRG Expert are pleased to announce the release of their latest ‘Data of the Month’ on Energy Storage.

The ‘Energy Storage Data of the Month,’ is a high quality energy report, that has a retail price of £175 and is available free of charge for just one month.

What is energy storage?

This involves storing excess energy generated at low peak times and then releasing it when demand for electricity cannot meet supply. The energy is stored until it is required.

The report looks at energy storage technologies and the impact of energy storage on the electricity grid. It assesses how energy storage can help companies meet the fluctuations in demand for power.

Energy storage is particularly important for renewable energy as a lot of variability exists. To balance the electricity generated from renewables, the energy must be stored.

The report also looks at the economics and development of various storage options.

Max Krangle, Managing Director states We are pleased to be able share our expertise through this energy data. NRG Expert holds millions of lines of world-wide energy data, from hundreds of trusted sources. This means we can offer some of the most comprehensive information on the global energy markets.”

NRG Expert’s extensive portfolio of energy reports, databases and directories covers topics such as electricity, energy infrastructure, energy storage and efficiency, renewables, gas, oil, water, coal and nuclear.

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