Just released: The 2nd Edition of the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Report and Database 2012

Max Krangle, Managing Director of NRG Expert is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of the 2012 Electricity Transmission and Distribution Report and Database

NRG Expert’s team of energy analysts have researched the Electricity Transmission and Distribution market to pull together an in-depth database and accompanying market research report. This data helps evaluate how the electricity transmission and distribution networks can evolve to cope with ever-rising demand.


  • In 2011, the total installed transmission and distribution line length reached 69.5 million kilometers;
  • In 2016, it’s is set to increase by 6.3% to 74.2 million kilometers
  • 96% of the onshore Transmission network in Europe is overhead HVAC line (High Voltage Alternating Current) and the remaining consists of underground cable.
  • Underground cabling is becoming increasingly attractive, mainly for environmental and aesthetic reasons
  • In countries such as the Netherlands  where there is a high population density and easily penetrable surface, it can even be cost neutral to cable underground for cables up to 150kV.

Overall the report finds that while there is still a focus on renewal, especially in Europe, there is also significant expansion of the grid network.

The Database

Here is a list of some of the data provided:

  • Electricity Annual Demand, globally, regionally and by country
  • Capital Expenditure in the T&D industry
  • Transmission and Distribution Company listings
  • Electricity Distribution Line-length Data (installed KMs)
  • Capex data (2011 to 2016)
  • Annual Demand Data (2011 to 2016)
  • Generation Capacity (Installed MW Capacity) data
  • Voltage Breakdown and Overhead Underground Analysis
  • Electricity Network Maps
  • Electricity Grid Interconnections

It also provides Annual Demand information for 2011-2016

  • Transformers Annual Demand,
  • Power Systems Annual demand,
  • Utility Automation,
  • Cables Annual Demand,
  • Switchgear Annual Demand,
  • Sub-Stations Annual Demand,
  • Towers Annual Demand,
  • Insulators Annual Demand,
  • Electricity Meters Annual Demand.

The Market Research Report

NRG Expert have also produced a market research report which presents a background to the Electrical Supply Industry  before delving deeper into the state of the industry at present and looking towards the future. The report looks at:

  • Company Analysis
  • Global Market Share data for major players
  • Market shares for Smart Grid companies in key regions..
  • Regional Electrical Power and Electricity lines
  • Analysis on Grid technologies and Interconnections
  • And more

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