Top 10 Key Energy Issues

What are the current ‘hot topics’ of debate in the energy sector? NRG Expert draws upon its global expertise to bring you a summary of the most topical energy issues…

Access to energy resources

Political conflict is causing nations to limit access or throughput to energy resources. Iran and the threatened blockade of the strait of Hormuz is a key current example of this.

NRG Expert has created a database which lists current and future energy reserves so you can see which energy plants are closest to political conflicts…

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Rising fuel costs

Not just oil, other resource prices are on the rise too, due to increasing demand and slowing production.

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NRG Expert also provides weekly US crude oil and natural gas price alerts…

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Environmental impact

With commodity prices on the rise, and traditional sources of fuel running low, expensive technologies (e.g. extraction through hydraulic fracturing and bitumen sands)  are being used to extract viable sources of raw material.

These technologies, however, bring with them a large threat to the environment if not properly managed. Given the ‘newness’ of these technologies, regulations and practices are constantly being developed.

Find out more about these expensive technologies and how they are being used to extract global oil, shale oil and shale gas reserves, with NRG Expert’s reports…

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Whilst the population is very keen on expanding renewable energy generation, there is a dichotomous sentiment of ‘Not In My BackYard’ preventing their construction of e.g. wind turbines.

NRG Expert’s ‘Wind Energy’ report details the advantages and disadvantages of wind power developments worldwide and by country, both on and offshore…

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Ageing infrastructure

Many grids in developed nations were designed and built post World War II. This infrastructure is now well overdue for replacement, but given the current economic climate, funding is difficult.

For a comprehensive overview of the challenges facing the Electricity Infrastructure market by country read the…

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Following the Japanese tsunami, many new projects have been put on hold or cancelled outright. Around the globe, many governments are considering shutting down nuclear plants or significantly diminishing capacity.

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Consumer adoption

Willingness by consumers to adopt smart metering is presenting a barrier to growth. Smart meter rollout is being met with increasing resistance, with consumer groups stating privacy concerns and rising prices as their main objections.

For more information on global utility metering trends and future developments,  including smart grid and traditional metering…

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Food shortages

With many plant-based biofuels being tested, agriculture will focus on more lucrative energy crops, rather than food crops.

Understand more about the biofuels marketplace and predictions for future growth and development with NRG Expert’s…

>> World Biofuels Report

Clean water

Many of the world’s drinking supplies have been contaminated due to industrial pollutants, and, if not managed, water could become as scarce a resource as oil.

Learn about the trends and predictions in the water and waste utilities market with…

>> Global Guide to Water & Waste Utilities 2012

Generation shortfall

Though the consumer is still oblivious to this, there is a looming power generation shortfall that will be felt sooner rather than later, with nuclear power contributing significantly to this.

Find out more about the global power generating shortfall, fuel reserves forecasts and new and existing power plants…

>> Power Generator Database & Market Intelligence 2012


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