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> OFFER: Free Energy Efficiency Report

Do you know how much energy each fuel generates, now and in the future?
NRG Expert’s Power Generator Database provides in-depth data about how
power will be generated, now and in the future. Categorised by country and fuel type.
PLUS it comes with a complimentary Energy Efficiency Report.

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> Smart Grid

NRG Expert’s comprehensive report outlines the case for the smart grid, key projects,
key players and a country-by-country overview.

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> Natural Gas

If you want to gain a clear global understanding of the natural gas industry, the market and its
potential, read NRG Expert’s in-depth report.

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> Shale Gas

Can shale gas maintain its meteoric rise, particularly in the US? This new report reviews the
global shale gas market, the key developments, the environmental impact and the
forecasts for the future.

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> Shale oil

High oil prices have made expensive shale oil projects more attractive, but the volatility of oil prices have made it risky to invest. To find out where the oil reserves are and the projected demand and supply…

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> MAY OFFER: 2nd Report free

Buy the Energy Efficiency report and select one of the following reports for free:
Energy Security – normally 995GBP
Energy Storage – normally 950GBP

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