Latest offer: Free Global Regulators Database with 3 Deregulation Reports

You can’t operate in the energy industry these days without understanding the rules and regulations. Governments are constantly changing the energy regulations to help the industry grow and to encourage uptake of renewable energy.  While it is good to relax the regulations to help the energy industry meet rising energy demands, it also means companies constantly need to keep abreast of the latest regulations and this is no easy task.

To help companies and governments, NRG Expert has produced three reports outlining the latest electricity, gas, and water regulations. They have also created a database of all the energy regulators operating in the energy industry. Essential reading for anyone in the energy sector.

To celebrate the launch of these new reports, NRG Expert are offering access to their Global Regulators Database for free when you purchase all 3 Deregulation reports. The regulators database provides access to an up-to-date list of all the regulators plus their contact details. Meanwhile the Deregulation Reports provide a full analysis of the impact of regulations and privatization on the water, gas and electricity industries.

For further information on the impact of deregulation and privatization, please review NRG Expert’s Deregulation Reports and Regulators Database:

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