NRG Expert Reveals the USA’s Natural Gas Statistics

NRG Expert has gathered hundreds of statistics on the natural gas market to reveal the latest natural gas trends in the United States.  The statistics reveal thought-provoking information concerning natural gas production and consumption levels as well as import and export numbers.  

United States President Barack Obama’s Administration has been working hard to try and increase production and consumption of natural gas*.  What do NRG Expert’s figures reveal?  Rosie Seldon from NRG Expert, asks “Is the US Government’s strategy proving effective?”

Looking directly to NRG Expert’s Gross Natural Gas Consumption statistics, it has been found that consumption figures sharply increased from 2010-2012 by 3,279.54 billion cubic feet.  Meanwhile, natural gas production figures  also increased by 2,214.11 billion cubic feet.


Energy analyst, Edgar van der Meer therefore states:

 “These figures suggest that President Obama’s Administration’s policies are having a positive effect on the United States’ natural gas industry.”   

Natural Gas Production and consumption levels remained almost parallel until 2007 when a noticeable change occurred sending consumption levels down gradually and production levels increasing steadily.  This trend continued until 2010 when consumption vastly increased.

With Natural Gas Production increasing, exports have increased.  Looking at NRG Expert statistics it has been revealed that export levels are very gradually increasing again, with the sharpest increase beginning in 2010.  Between 2010 and 2012 export levels of natural gas increased from 1,136.61 to 1,806.43 Billion Cubic Feet.  An overall increase of 669.82 Billion Cubic Feet in just two years.

Imports on the other hand seem to be decreasing.  Import levels peaked in 2007 before beginning a gradual decline.  Funnily enough at the same point, exports began a gradual incline.  In 2012 import levels were recorded at 3431.10 billion cubic feet, the lowest since the peak in 2007.  But in 2012 imports for natural gas still continued to be double exports. If the US want to be more self sufficient then imports need to reduce further.


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    * Natural Gas Is Key To Low-Carbon US, DOE Nominee Says