NRG New Tech

NRG New Tech is a division of NRG Expert. We provide support and strategic advice for next generation alternative and renewable energy technology companies. With our new practice area – NRG New Tech – we are committed to supporting the growth of new alternative energy companies. These companies are crucial to the future of the energy mix.

NRG New Tech can assist your Alternative Energy Company in the developing and executing of an effective global market entry strategy. Our extensive list of contacts in the global energy and finance markets allows us to facilitate potential finance, key business-to-business relationships and strategic alliances. We can help bring your new Energy Technology to market and make the invention a reality.

What customers say:-

“NRG Expert have helped us evaluate our options and create a robust strategy. Their network is invaluable and has helped and is still helping us to open doors that would otherwise have been shut!” COO- Battery Fueling Limited, UK

Please contact NRG New Tech:-
Melany Krangle –
Tel: +44 (0)20 8432 3059 (London) ext. 1012