Clean Technology

Coal and Clean Coal Report Ed 1 – 2011

This new report analyses the global coal market, the market drivers and the key components for future growth and development. For the first time China became a net importer of coal last year. Demand from Southern and South Eastern provinces was met by cheaper imports from Indonesia and Australia rather than more expensive coal from the provinces of Shanxi and Inner in the north, due to logistic costs. Domestic supply is also likely to diminish owing to the country’s strategy of consolidating the nation’s mines to eventually close unsafe and inefficient mines. In India, companies are buying up coal assets overseas, particularly in Australia, and are importing more coal. As domes-tic coal production is unlikely to meet growing demand even if logistics and operations within the country are substantially improved. Elsewhere, coal demand is expected to grow, but not at the same pace as China and India, due to rising natural gas prices.

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