Shale gas boom in the US – NRG Expert investigates the data behind the headlines.

Developments in shale oil and gas extraction have led to a boom in energy production in the US. The world’s largest economy is now on its way to becoming self-sufficient by 2035. NRG Expert, the energy market research company looks closer at the data behind these headlines.

NRG Expert holds extensive data on the shale gas market place and has heavily researched this industry. Here they share some key facts and figures on the shale gas boom.

US Shale Gas Growth

  • By 2035 shale gas could count for 45% of US domestic production as opposed to under 20% in 2012
  • The US is expecting its gas exports to exceed imports by 2016
  • There is also huge growth in the production of biofuels, shale gas and shale oil, which could make the US self-sufficient by 2035.
  • Shale gas can support all the major chemical-producing regions, including the US Gulf Coast.
  • Saudi Arabia investors are considering the United States to capitalise on the shale gas boom there.
  • BHP Billiton’s invested $20 billion in shale gas
  • Shell Shale Gas developments in China may contain resources on par with the US.

Shale Gas Companies to Watch

  • Anadarko – continues drilling and exploration in its Eagleford fields and remains a major player in the US Gas and Petroleum Market
  • Chesapeake Energy –  Second largest producer in the US
  • Chevron [10] is looking at countries outside the US such as Lithuania to expand their Shale Gas assets.
  • BHP Billiton – has invested billions in the Shale Oil and Gas industry.

Shale Oil Facts

  • With over 70% of the proven Shale Oil reserves located in North America, the EIA expects that Oil Shale and Shale Oil will account for 2% of total production by 2035.
  • BHP Billiton to invest $4 billion in shale oil this fiscal year.
  • Shale oil supplies have already passed the 1 million barrel-per-day mark.
  • Oil shale is behind the US becoming the world’s largest oil producer by 2020.
  • 3 trillion barrels of oil estimated to be recoverable in the US, three times more than humans have currently consumed.

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