Top Energy Facts USA – the largest electric power system in the world

Here at NRG Expert, the energy market research company, we put together a comprehensive analysis of the energy use in the United States of America and revealed some interesting energy facts. Their energy demands are significant as they are the largest and most technically advanced economy in the world, with the largest military. Currently the USA is heavily reliant on the import of energy resources, such as oil. This however may start to change in the next decade. Research suggests the US will become self sufficient in energy by 2035.[3] This will allow them to move away from their reliance on oil supplies in the Middle East, to a more domestic energy future.

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Here are some top energy facts about the USA: 

>> Americans consume 26% of the world’s energy.

>> The US has the largest electric power system in the world at 800,000MWe, almost twice the generating capacity of its nearest competitor, China.

>> US to overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest oil producer by 2020. (IEA)

>> The Department of Defence (DoD) consumes as much energy as Nigeria.

>> The DoD emitted 73 million metric tons of CO2 in 2009, whilst spending 13.3 billion dollars on energy.

>> US Oil Shale reserves are estimated at 1.5 trillion barrels, five times the reserves of Saudi Arabia.

>> By 2035 shale gas could count for 45% of US domestic production as opposed to under 20% in 2012.

>> In all of human history 1 trillion barrels of oil have been used, a third of the recoverable oil remaining in the US through shale oil mining.

>> Renewable energy in the US accounted for 10% in 2010 expected to rise to 16% by 2035.

These facts show the huge power demands of the US can potentially be supplied through energy sources and developments within their borders, eliminating the need for expensive foreign imports. This sustainability has mostly come from advances in Shale Oil and Shale gas extraction and the abundance underneath US soil. Renewable energy use within the US has also increased rapidly in recent years, expected to supply 16% of total energy demand by 2035.

With the US economy struggling and in need of recovery this could provide a source for new jobs and income desperately needed for US citizens. President Obama has already praised the resources industry for its job creating benefits.

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