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Global Guide to Natural Gas Utilities Report Edition 1, 2012

The NRG Expert Natural Gas Utilities report provides a fully comprehensive global analysis of the natural gas industry. It includes: a description of the different types of natural gas and uses, the global natural gas situation (including reserves, market, trade, and the gas exporting countries forum) coverage of the natural gas market at the regional level, in-depth reporting of the economic situation and the natural gas market (including natural gas production, transportation, distribution and generation of electricity) amongst 116 countries worldwide.
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Global Guide to Water and Waste Utilities Report Edition 1, 2012

The NRG Expert Water and Waste Utilities Report provides a comprehensive overview of the global water resources markets including water and waste water treatment methods and water statistics. It looks at the market information on water, water treatment companies, water utility companies, pollution, private sector investment, water and waste-water forecasts and more. Individual country sections are also included and are arranged by region.
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Electrical Supply Industry World Guidebook

The electrical supply industry is extremely complex and diverse. This NRG Expert guidebook outlines the electrical supply industry of 196 countries individually, offering the essential insight required to make informed business decisions in this marketplace. Where applicable, sections for each country include: the structure of ESI, electricity generation, electricity transmission, electricity distribution and market structure.
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Utility Meters Data 

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